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Bağbaşı Plateau in spring season 2016-06-27
The Bağbaşı Plateau opened last year by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality is living the most crowded time of the year. Because of the extreme heat during the month of Ramadan, Denizli citizens prefer to open their fasts in the cool forest in the Bağbaşı Plateau.
Certificates to mother candidates from Mayor Zolan 2016-06-23
The Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, who achieved great success with the social responsibility projects implemented so far, has completed the second term of Pregnancy School, initiated within the context of 'I love my family' project. Participating in the graduation ceremony of Pregnancy School, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, Osman Zolan gave the certificates to the mother candidates.
Father's Day Message from Mayor Zolan 2016-06-17
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, Osman Zolan issued a message on the occasion of Father's Day. He celebrated all fathers and father candidates as a symbol of unconditional love and sacrifice for the Father's Day.
Towards the end of infrastructure 2016-06-17
Meeting every day with the citizens of different neighborhoods of the city, this time, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality held the İftar dinner in Muratdede Neighborhood. The Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, Osman Zolan said the infrastructure work started in ten neighborhoods, including Muratdede Neighborhood, will finish at the end of September.
A new Pedestrian Overcrossing Bridge in Akhan 2016-06-16
The Denizli Metropolitan Municipality's traditional iftar dinner took place this time in Akhan neighborhood. Participating in the iftar dinner, the Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, Osman Zolan gave the good news of the pedestrian overcrossing bridge in Akhan neighborhood.
City Council in Bozkurt 2016-06-16
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality City Council visited the Bozkurt District under the Promotion Days activities. Here, the Denizli Metropolitan Municipality City Council delegation gave information about the work and functioning of the City Council.
These projects will save lives 2016-06-15
The Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, Osman Zolan said that the work on Ankara Road Bridge Junction and on the road next to the Akhan Kervansarayı, started under the 121 Giant Project, within the framework of the 2016-2017 Action Plan is going to save both lives, time, and fuel.
The 2nd period of Pregnancy School 2016-06-15
The 2nd term of Pregnancy School, an application launched under ''I love my family project'' of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality with the slogan "Conscious mothers, healthy generations'' has begun.
Karaman and Değirmenönü met at the İftar dinner 2016-06-09
Having the iftar dinner together with citizens in different neighborhoods of the city every day during Ramadan, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, Osman Zolan met with the residents of Karaman and Değirmenönü neighborhoods.
Mixed exhibition from Young Denizli 2016-06-09
The Traditional Turkish Handicrafts Club, Drawing Club, and the Caricature Club working within the Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Young Denizli have organized a mixed exhibition with 180 works, traditional Turkish handicrafts, drawings, and caricatures.