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The 32nd term of Marriage School ended 2017-05-23
The Marriage School Project, organised under ''I love my family'' project, one of the award-winning projects implemented by the Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, which had hundreds of graduates until today, has completed its 32nd term.
High School Theater Days from the Metropolitan 2017-05-17
The "3rd High School Theater Days" organized by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Young Denizli Theater Club started. Eight high schools will participate in the event that will last on May 21.
''Disability is not an obstacle to success'' 2017-05-17
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality City Council Disabled Assembly has organised an interview on the "Disability is not an obstacle to success" topic for the 7th and 8th-grade students studying at four different schools, in the context of the Disability Awareness Week.
Mother's Day message from Mayor Zolan 2017-05-13
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, Osman Zolan issued a message on the occasion of Mother's Day. Mayor Zolan said that the sons of the heroic mothers who lived the toughest times of the Turkish nation marked the history of this nation.
Çardak gets a modern infrastructure 2017-05-02
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality General Directorate of Water and Sewerage Administration (DESKİ) has started the 7.5 km sewer line study in different neighbourhoods of Çardak District where there is no infrastructure.
Turkey's first glass festival opens its doors for the 4th time 2017-05-02
The International Denizli Glass Biennial, organised by the Denizli Metropolitan Municipality for the 4th time this year, is beginning. During the three-day biennial, famous glass art masters from Turkey and the world will organise a conference, a panel, live glass shows, and glass exhibitions for Denizli people.
Denizli took the colours of the rainbow 2017-04-25
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, who always arranges the parks, squares, intersections and roadsides with tulips and seasonal flowers, has covered the city with the colours of the rainbow this year.
Meeting of civilizations 2017-04-20
Young people from 15 different countries who came to study in Denizli came together under the project "Civilisations Discovering Denizli" organized by the Denizli Metropolitan Municipality City Council Youth Assembly. The project aims to teach students about different cultures.
Metropolitan helps the eagle 2017-04-20
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Street Animal Clinic helps not only the stray animals but also the wild animals. In this context, the vets of the clinic have treated an eaglet shot in the wing by the hunters.
Earthquake and fire drill from the Metropolitan Transportation Inc. 2017-04-11
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Inc. has carried out a drill in order to increase the people's knowledge about fire and earthquake and to be ready for any disaster.