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Giant investments from the Metropolitan 2017-07-27
After it allocated 3,000 square meters of land free of charge for a neighbourhood polyclinic, which is under construction in Dokuzkavaklar Neighborhood, this time the Denizli Metropolitan Municipality has started the construction of a health complex in Merkezefendi Neighborhood which will consist of 112 Emergency Service, UMKE and ASM.
Youth Camp from the Youth Assembly 2017-07-10
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality City Council Youth Assembly organised a youth camp for young people to spend their summer vacation more efficiently and to raise their awareness about their social life.
Investments in green area continue in districts 2017-07-05
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, which is an example of Turkey with the investments made in parks and green areas, has completed the Çal Picnic Area. Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan said: ''Çal will be a new social alternative to our citizens. ''
Invitation to folk dances show 2017-06-28
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Folk Dance Ensemble will hold the traditional year-end show on Saturday, July 1, at the Ziya Tıkıroğlu Open-air Theater. The 200 people folk dance team will perform seven different dances at the show.
The Feast of Ramadan message from Mayor Zolan 2017-06-23
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan issued a message on the occasion of the Ramadan Feast. Mayor Zolan said: ''We are living the happiness of welcoming the Feast of Ramadan, the feast of brotherhood, tolerance, unity and togetherness. ''
Municipal buses will be free for two days of the feast 2017-06-22
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality declared that municipal buses will be free of charge on the first two days of the Ramadan Feast, for people to make their traditional feast visits more comfortable.
Cemeteries cleaned before the Feast 2017-06-21
Before the Feast of Ramadan, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality is making the maintenance and cleaning work in the cemeteries all over the city for citizens to visit their passed away relatives more comfortable.
New infrastructure in Sevindik 2017-06-21
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan gave the good news that the infrastructure works in Sevindik Neighborhood will begin in 2018 at the high demand of the neighbourhood's residents.
Father's Day Message from Mayor Zolan 2017-06-18
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, Osman Zolan issued a message on the occasion of Father's Day. He celebrated all fathers and father candidates as a symbol of unconditional love and sacrifice for the Father's Day.
Metropolitan delegation attended AER meeting in Austria 2017-06-08
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality attended the General Assembly and Bureau Meeting held by the Assembly of the European Regions (AER), of which is a member, in Austria.