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Sümerpark Grove 2007-02-12
It has 57.000 m2 area and natural ponds which has 1750 m2 . Moreover sport facilities, picnic areas, children’s play gardens and small zoo are located in this park. The wall was constructed outside of grove for 4 months, and path way was built.
Fatma Yıldız and İnançbey Parks 2007-02-12
Fatma Yıldız and İnançbey Parks become important point for people who live in that region. These parks have bike path and jogging area which are 2,5 km length, children’s play areas, sport areas.
Sevindik Sheltered Market Place 2007-02-12
Sevindik sheltered market place has 7.500 m2 areas. 44 stores and 278 market stands give service to the citizens at sheltered market place.
Yenişehir Sheltered Market Place 2007-02-12
Yenişehir sheltered market place costs 2.999.000 YTL. Citizens who live in this region have healthy and modern market place.
İncilipınar Sheltered Market Place 2007-02-12
Citizens who reside in İncilipınar district and its surroundings shop not affected from sun in summer and rain in winter. Citizens started to live in physical comfort with composed healthy environment.
Karaman Sheltered Market Place 2007-02-12
Karaman sheltered market place has 4.760 m2 areas and two-fold. In downstairs there are 104 market stands and 36 stores, upstairs there are 241 market stands. Citizens and salers are so happy during shopping.
4 Indoor facilities 2007-02-12
Denizli has only one indoor facility since republic history. But this number is going to be four. One of indoor facilities Dokuzkavaklar indoor facility will be completed.Then, others’s construction will be started in 2 years.
Jogging area for Yenişehir 2007-02-12
Jogging area which has 2,5 km lenght in Yenişehir was presented for all Denizli people. Moreover, we built children’s play areas and bike paths for funny time of all Denizli people.
One field for each district 2007-02-12
Up till now, we built 62 basketball and volleyball courts for 55 districts.
Synthetic Turf Field for Pamukkale University 2007-02-12
Synthetic turf field 70*105 meters standart size near the Pamukkale Universty Kınıklı Campus was build. It costs 996,000 YTL. It has 4371 m2 total areas with athletizm field 10 widths. We built lighting for this area. We presented this field for undergraduate and all Denizli people.