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Urban Traffic-Control Applications 2007-02-12
Since 1 January, 2007 traffic control rights were handed over to the municipality. Since then motorized and pedestrian traffic squads were appointed.
Military Transition Road 2007-02-12
The Military Transition Road that connects 2 sides of the Denizli was put into service for citizens.
Bypass 1st Stage 2007-02-12
Urban Roads 2007-02-12
Within the 2006 year, 200 km of road consisting of 3 lanes traffic was asphalted by Denizli Municipality.
Sewage Projects 2007-02-12
Since the year 2004, 13.5 million TL was spent on renewal of 82 km sewage pipelines.
Drinking Water Projects 2007-02-12
Totally 5.2 million TL was spent for renovation of drinking water pipelines.
Stream Improvement 2007-02-12
The open Bağırsak, Tabakhane and Yukarı Gökpınar Streams that have been flowing for many years and threatening the health of the city, have been improved.
Waste Water Treatment Plant 2007-02-12
Denizli Municipality with the objective of ‘not one drop of water will remain untreated’ has put into service the Waste Water Treatment Plant, which is a model for the whole country.
Rain Water Projects 2007-02-12
Until the year 2004, only 4 km of rain water lines was used in Denizli. In 3 years 23.5 km pipelines were added by Denizli Municipality.
Dokuzkavaklar Bridge Intersection 2007-02-12
This Bridge Intersection was built on Ankara-Denizli highway and has connected safely a traffic density in Dokuzkavaklar, Kirişhane, Sümer, 3 Industrial Estate and related districts to each other. Highways were separated from the inner city roads, so the waste of time was prevented. Denizli Municipality laid the foundation of bridge intersection on 19 August, 2005 and had put into service in 26 November, 2005.