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Water Reservoirs Protection Projects 2009-04-20
In order to prevent pollution, settlements around water reservoirs were demolished and water reservoirs were taken under protection.
Free Theater from Denizli Municipality 2009-04-03
Denizli Municipality has added another free art activity to its free cultural and art activities. City Council Youth Assembly of Denizli Municipality got together theatergoers with ‘Photographer’ (‘Fotografçı’) theater.
Dokuzkavaklar Synthetic Turf Field 2009-03-09
Dokuzkavaklar Synthetic Turf Field was completed in a short time by Denizli Municipality.
Asphalt Record from Denizli Municipality 2009-02-05
Denizli Municipality in order to make urban and intercity roads safer broke the record with the last 5 years works.
Water Tanks Projects 2009-01-23
In order to meet the water needs of the citizens, 4 water tanks with large capacity were constructed in different districts of the city. The old water tanks were renewed.
Mehmet Akif Ersoy Sheltered Market Place 2008-12-22
Mehmet Akif Ersoy Sheltered Market Place is located in Esentepe district. This Sheltered Market Place consists of 32 stores and 360 market stands.
Akkonak Synthetic Turf Field and Facilities 2008-11-26
Denizli Municipality completed the construction of Synthetic Turf Field in Akkonak district.
The Construction of Bozburun Road Completed 2008-11-07
Bozburun Road connects bypass of Izmir-Ankara. It will meet the needs of the region's transportation with 50 meter-width and 7 km-long road.
Antalya Road Completed 2008-10-09
Denizli Municipality completed works on intercity highway that connects Denizli to Antalya and Muğla. Intercity road resembles a highway.
Pedestrian and Bike Paths of 1225 Street 2008-09-25
Civil Services Department of Denizli Municipality after 1 month's works opened to use for citizens 1225 Street's Road which provides transportation in İniclipınar and Acıpayam Asphalt Roads.