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European Standards will be used for Denizli's Roads 2007-05-30
Signal columns on urban and intercity roads were changed and the road lines and borders are re-painted in accordance to EU standards by Denizli Municipality.
Study Grants 2007-05-11
We helped the students at higschool and university who are poor. Every year 1000 university students were given 80 YTL monthly, 500 hig school students were given 40 YTL monthly. We will continue to support them years ahead.
Education Training Centers and Youth Centers 2007-05-11
We established 2 education training centers which are for children to spend their time after school and for teenagers to produce ideas. School children learn with fun, teenagers learn advisely.Also, 4 new education training centers will be established as soon as possible.
Books for 80.000 students, uniforms for 7 thousand students 2007-05-11
We as Municipality distributed 80.000 books for our students to acquire reading a book.
Bayramyeri 2007-02-13
Denizli Municipality has begun reconstructive studies in Bayramyeri. Bayramyeri Square in result of successful works has reached a beautiful view.
Kaleiçi 2007-02-13
Due to years of indifference historical Kaleiçi with it 800 years historical past lost its appearance.
Tabakhane and Bağırsak Streams Improvement Studies 2007-02-12
For many years Tabakhane and Bağırsak Streams have threatened the health of people and Denizli Municipality have overcome this problem by laying pipelines and covering them. Park and children ground will be created on this area.
Central Garage 2007-02-12
Denizli Municipality continues studies on Central Garage Project. The construction of Garage will be completed within 1 year.
Urban Traffic-Control Applications 2007-02-12
Since 1 January, 2007 traffic control rights were handed over to the municipality. Since then motorized and pedestrian traffic squads were appointed.
Military Transition Road 2007-02-12
The Military Transition Road that connects 2 sides of the Denizli was put into service for citizens.