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The 17th anniversary of Özay Gönlüm's passing away 2017-02-28
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan released a message on the occasion of the 17th memorial anniversary of our folk artist Özay Gönlüm, who introduced Denizli's culture and songs to the whole world.
Women's Day activities from the Women's Assembly 2017-02-28
Women's Assembly will celebrate March 8, International Women's Day with different programs organized in eight districts. In the context of March 8, International Women's Day celebrations, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality City Council Women's Assembly will organize different programs in eight districts. In the final of the activities, the famous poet Ahmet Selçuk İlkan will read his beautiful works for the women living in Denizli.
Districts are getting hot asphalt 2017-02-24
The hot asphalt works planned to be done in districts under the scope of 121 Giant Project, announced by the Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan, continue at full speed. Meeting with the citizens in Ada Neighborhood, where the hot asphalt works are going on, Mayor Zolan said: "We live the happiness of fulfilling the promises we have given. ''
Metropolitan supports the mukhtars 2017-02-22
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality will provide monthly support of 250 TL to support compulsory costs of electricity, water, telephone, internet, heating and rent to all the neighborhood mukhtars within the provincial borders.
Metropolitan supports an art of thousands of years 2017-02-09
With the new carpet course opened, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality meets the next generations with a forgotten art branch.
Metropolitan makes a culture center in Baklan 2017-02-03
Starting out with the slogan ''everything there is in tDenizli's center will also be in the districts'', Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, Osman Zolan gave the good news of starting the construction of Baklan Cultural Center and Social Facility in Baklan District, within the scope of the 121 Giant Project. The investment will bring an alternative to the social life of Baklan people and will bring them a great convenience.
Four neighborhoods of Honaz District have more qualified drinking water 2017-02-01
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality DESKİ solved the problem of drinking water in Ovacık, Karakurt, Karateke and Emirazizli neighborhoods of Honaz District and gave the citizens a qualified drinking water. Under the project, DESKİ has laid a total of 10.000 meters of drinking water transmission line in four neighborhoods, has built a drinking water reservoir with a capacity of 2.000 cubic meters and one drinking water drilling well.
Denizli is getting a new bridge intersection 2017-01-31
The new bridge intersection of Zeybek Intersection, a project launched by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, Osman Zolan under the 121 Giant Project, will be opened for service. While examining the work area, Mayor Osman Zolan gave the good news of the new intersection's opening within a week.
Civril Irgıllı will have new infrastructure 2017-01-24
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality DESKİ started the construction work of 7.000 meters of drinking water line and 19.000 meters of sewer line in Irgıllı Neighborhood of Çivril District where there was no sewer system.
They have both learned and had fun 2017-01-19
Meeting the Turkish traditional musical instruments, students of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Study Center are learning and having fun.