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New infrastructure in Çivril-Emirhisar 2016-10-13
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality DESKİ is laying 20,000 meters of sewer line and 10,000 meters of drinking water line to provide a modern infrastructure system in Emirhisar Neighborhood of Çivril District.
Metropolitan theater season started 2016-10-13
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality City Theatre and the Young Denizli Theatre Club who opened the curtain on October 7, staged the fourth play of the season for free at the Denizli State Theatre. The play received the great acclaim and appreciation of the people.
800 km of asphalted road from Metropolitan 2016-10-06
Starting a large campaign in the road construction and transport across Denizli, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality also progressed in terms of asphalting. The 800 km of asphalting work announced by the Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan under the 121 Giant Project for this year is closing to the end.
Giant infrastructure move in Civril-Çıtak 2016-10-04
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality DESKİ started the infrastructure Denizli Metropolitan Municipality DESKİ started the infrastructure attack in Çıtak Neighborhood of Civril District. In this context, DESKİ will lay a total of 25,000 meters sewer line and 15,000 meters of drinking water line in the region. Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan said: ''We are going to solve all the problems related to infrastructure in every part of our city. ''
World Animal Protection Day 2016-10-04
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality prepared a special program on the occasion of October 4 World Animal Protection Day. To create awareness in this regard, Metropolitan Municipality opened an exhibition at the Stray Animals Clinic, having as guests a large number of students.
Metropolitan continues to support the needy people 2016-10-03
Home Care Coordination Centre implemented by the Denizli Metropolitan Municipality under the 121 Giant Project continue to support the citizens who can not sustain by themselves their daily activities, elderly, citizens with disabilities, citizens confined to bed, and needy people. Giving a great importance to Home Care Project, the Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan is often meeting with the people in need.
Enrollment for the new season of Young Denizli started 2016-09-20
Enrollment for the youth clubs and the Denizli Metropolitan Municipality City Theater established under the Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Young Denizli Project, which is one of Turkey's most important youth projects has begun.
Mayor Zolan's message for the Feast of Sacrifice 2016-09-09
Issuing a message on the occasion of the Feast of Sacrifice, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan said: ''I wish the Feast of Sacrifice to bring unity, solidarity, peace, and happiness to our country, to our Denizli, to the Islamic world, and to all humanity. ''
Municipal buses will be free on the eve and the first two days of the feast 2016-09-08
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality buses will be free of charge on the eve and the first day of the Feast of Sacrifice for people to make their traditional feast visits more comfortable.
Modern infrastructure in Çivril-Kızılcasöğüt 2016-09-04
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality DESKİ has begun the infrastructure attack in Kızılcasöğüt Neighborhood of Çivril District. Within the project, DESKİ will lay 40,000 meters of sewage line in Kızılcasöğüt Neighborhood.