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Youth Assembly's call to youth 2016-11-01
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality City Council Youth Assembly has visited the districts under the new term studies. During the visits, Youth Assembly explained the young people their projects and Eurodesk and called the youth to make new projects together.
Study Centers celebrate the Republic Day 2016-10-28
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Study Centers celebrated the 93rd anniversary of the establishment of the Republic with songs and poetry.
Municipal buses free of charge on Republic Day 2016-10-27
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality made the municipal buses free of charges on October 29 on the occasion of the Republic Day. For the comfortable travel of the citizens, the municipal buses will be free of charges on Saturday, October 29, 2016.
Great investment of Metropolitan in the urban forests 2016-10-26
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality continues with high speed the work on seven urban forests under the 121 Giant Project, including the Çamlık Picnic area located in Çal District. 60 percent of the project has been already completed.
Metropolitan embraces all animals 2016-10-25
Acting on the basis of announcements made by the citizens, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Street Animal Clinic has caught three donkeys while they were walking alone on the field. The clinic's team took the animals under observation, and after the examination, they noticed that two of the animals are gestated.
Modern infrastructure in Kelekçi-Acıpayam 2016-10-22
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality DESKİ has launched a giant project for people living in Kelekçi Neighborhood of Acıpayam District to have a healthy and quality water, with an infrastructure up to modern standards.
Education project for youth 2016-10-20
35 young people who attended the project cycle management training prepared by the Denizli Metropolitan Municipality City Council Youth Assembly under the Youth Projects Workshop have received the participation certificates.
Young Denizli is winning again! 2016-10-19
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Young Denizli project wins one award more. The ''Young Denizli Project'', a project realized by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality to enrich the social life of young people living in Denizli, receives the "Best Social Responsibility Project" award in the Healthy Cities 2016 Best Practice Competition organized by the Turkish Healthy Cities Association.
New infrastructure in Çivril-Emirhisar 2016-10-13
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality DESKİ is laying 20,000 meters of sewer line and 10,000 meters of drinking water line to provide a modern infrastructure system in Emirhisar Neighborhood of Çivril District.
Metropolitan theater season started 2016-10-13
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality City Theatre and the Young Denizli Theatre Club who opened the curtain on October 7, staged the fourth play of the season for free at the Denizli State Theatre. The play received the great acclaim and appreciation of the people.