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The laying of stormwater lines in Bağbaşı District

Denizli Municipality continues to infrastructure investments. Due to lack of infrastructure in Bağbaşı district, Denizli Muinicipality will lay stormwater line on a large scale.
Denizli Municipality continues compliance works in 10 villages and 13 towns, which were joined to Denizli Municipality after local elections in 2009. Many regions began to benefit from it at a high level.
Bağbaşı district is the one of these regions. Denizli Municipality began the implementation of the great project in Bağbaşı. This area may at any time to face the danger of flooding. So Bağbaşı stormwater problem will be eliminated. At the same time the laying of natural gas pipeline in this region will begin by Denizli Municipality.
Also rain water pipelines will be laid at Çakmak Deresi and next to Göveçlik Road Intersection.