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People from Karşıyaka won't be afraid of rain anymore

By continuing the infrastructure works in different parts of the city, Denizli Municipality has launch the rain water pipeline project in Karşıyaka in order to end the problem of flooding in the region.

Bringing Denizli over the world standards due to the major infrastructure projects implemented, Denizli Municipality continues without any breaks to make new investments in infrastructure. Denizli Municipality add a new infrastructure project to the many made so far in Denizli and withthis project solves a major problem in the region.

For many years Karşıyaka, Aktepe and Dokuzkavaklar neighborhoods have faced with the storm water problem. Due to the giant project launched by Denizli Municipality few months ago in this region this issue will be solved. 


Coming together with his team to inspects the ongoing digging works in Karşıyaka Neighborhood, Mayor of Denizli Municipality Osman Zolan recalled the promise of turning the places such as Karşıyaka, Aktepe, Sevindik, Dokuzkavaklar, Anafartalar neighborhoods into a center of attraction. Stating that due to the project in the region won't be problems with floods anymore, Mayor Zolan, ''Denizli Municipality continues the infrastructure projects all over the city. Finally, we have implemented the Rain Water Pipeline Project in Karşıyaka Neighborhood which will put an end to the fear of rain in this region. Within the project in Karşıyaka neighborhood will be used a total of 3,280 meters of concrete pipes and 330 rainwater grids placed in different points in the neighborhood. We aim to complete our work within a short time. I wish everyone all the best, ''he said.


People in the neighborhood are grateful to Mayor Zolan for his great interest showed in the problem of rainwater and they are confident that due to this project implemented by Denizli Municipality this problem will be solved. They thanked Mayor Zolan for fulfilling all his promises since 2004 related to infrastructure, green spaces, sports facilities, social housing in different areas of the city. The neighborhood's citizens said that Denizli Municipality has done a great investment in Karşıyaka and Dokuzkavaklar neighborhoods and they will support Mayor Osman Zolan in all the projects he will implement.