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Infrastructure revolution in Çivril

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Water and Sewerage Administration (DESKİ) started the infrastructure work in Çivril District. Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan said that together with metropolitan all Denizli's dreams of the last 10 years will come true and all services will be brought to every corner of the city.

Taking over all infrastructure services across the Denizli after the local elections on March 30th, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Water and Sewerage Administration (DESKİ) has started the work on rain and drinking water line in Çivril District. In the project prepared by the DESKİ General Directorate Department of Investment Planning and Construction was planed to begin work in order to avoid the inundations and the puddles of water on the streets resulting from precipitation in the center of Çivril District. The project was also designed to collect the rainwater from all Çivril's neighborhoods. The 3500 meters long rainwater line starts from district's center, passes trough Kızılcasöğüt, under the Somak road and it is planned to be discharged into the DSİ channel. Was recorded that work on deep-potable water storage and transmission line in Çivril center was also started. Overall in the works planned to be carried out in Çivril will be done 3500 meters of potable water pumping line, 900 meters electricity transmission line and one deep wells building.

''We wrote the services epics''

Highlighting that in the last 10 years in Denizli's center was written the services epics, Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osmna Zolan said that together with the metropolitan these services will reach all the corners of the city. Stating that all metropolitan's services will reach the 19 districts of Denizli and their neighborhoods, Mayor Zolan said: ''As in the past we will continue to work for the comfort and happiness of our citizens. We will save the region from flooding during rains. I also believe that we will end the shortages of drinking water. I hope our investments in district related to rainwater and drinking water line to be auspicious.''