Mayor's message


  Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan has released a message on the Miraç Kandil Day. Stating that the wisdom of the Prophet (SAV), who was rising from heaven to heaven for the salvation of humanity, was full of beauties and spiritual values, Mayor Zolan said, ''In this blessed night which is very important for us, we must realize the blessed and miraculous journey of our Prophet (SAV). We must remember that brotherhood, peace, righteousness, honesty, sharing, and respect for rights and law are the highest values. In this blessed night, millions of brothers who live in different geographies will come together in the prayers. Let us pray for the continuity of our unity and solidarity, to leave peace and frustration all over the world. Let us pray for the survival of our country, unity and solidarity. I would like to congratulate our Denizli, our country and all the Islamic world with these feelings and thoughts, and I wish this holy day to bring happiness, serenity and peace to the whole world. ''















Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality