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Solution of the the sewage and drinking water problems

In order to remove the infrastructural deficiencies, 56 km of drinking and sewage lines will be laid by Denizli Municipality.
After renovation of infrastructure in the city center, Municipality begins an intensive works to solve the infrastructure problems in the various districts of the city.
Denizli Municipality has put out a tender for the solution of the problem fundamentally. 3 companies attended the tender. Successful bidder will begin the infrastructure works within the 5 days. Thus, the infrastructure of the city center and other districts will have the same quality.
Mayor Zolan: 'As it known, we have implemented the great infrastructure transformation in the city center. Our citizens begin to drink the cleanest water in Turkey. Then we completed the superstructure works. Now we continue the same works in the towns and villages, which were joined to Denizli Municipality recently. After completion of infrastructure works in this distrit, residents will drink the cleanest water in Turkey and sewage problem will a thing of the past.'