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Huge investment in the infrastructure of Bağbaşı

Denizli Municipality began the construction of stormwater lines in Bağbaşı and Gökpınar districts.
Denizli Municipality eliminates one of the major problems of residents of Bağbaşı and Gökpınar Districts. Municipality began the construction of new stormwater lines in these regions. The total cost of the project is 21 million TL and 50 kilometers long stormwater lines will eliminate even the slightest problems. Mayor stated that this project is much important for residents of Bağbaşı and Gökpınar Districts. Before the groundbreaking ceremony, Mayor Zolan with journalists has examined ongoing works, carried out at Antalya Highway. He received information about ongoing studies from representatives of contractor firms. Then he examined studies, conducted at Zümrüt District. During the placement of giant pipes of 3 meters in diameter, mayor conveyed information about details of project.
Then groundbreaking ceremony was held. Governor Abdülkadir Demir, Mayor Zolan, MPs Nihat Zeybekci, Nurcan Dalbudak, Bilal Uçar and many guests and citizens participated in the ceremony.
Since 2004, the concept of service is completely changed. Denizli has become a world city. Earlier, during the slightest rain, our citizens have experienced a tragedy.
We have accelerated studies in regions, which were joined to Denizli Municipality in 2009. We have built 55 parks on 300 thousand square meters area. Denizli Municipality has put into service for citizens basketball courts and playgrounds. The construction of swimming pool project continues and this year natural gas will arrive to these districts. After completion of this project, all measures will be taken against the flood disaster. Mayor thanked the officials of 3-El, Metehan, HMC Construction and Artuklu Construction Companies, which conduct this project. He also added that Antalya Road works will begin as soon as possible.

Nihat Zeybekci: 'Denizli became the model city in Turkey. Denizli is the shining star of Turkey and became the city, which has capacity to compete with the world.'

Abdülkadir Demir in his speech stated that huge investments were made to Denizli in the last 10 years. ‘After infrastructure and superstructure projects we began realization of irrigation projects. Along with the municipal investment, state investments have also increased.’

After the groundbreaking ceremony, members of protocol broke their fast with residents. During the evening meal, Mayor Zolan listened to problems of residents and has told what should be done for solution.