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Construction of Sports Center Continues

After completion of construction of Atatürk Primary School Sports Center, it will be the new address of sports.
Denizli Municipality continues to increase the importance to sports. In this context, construction of sports center, which was started 3 month ago, will be completed in a short time and will serve to people, who want to do sports. 40% of physical realization of the project is completed. Remaining works of sports center is planned to complete until 15 February 2013.
Mayor Zolan gave information about ongoing works. 'Two years later, Denizli will become the center of amateur sports branches. Sports Center is building on 1200 square meters area and has grandstands, with a total capacity of 500-seats. We plan to finish the construction until 15 February. We have undertaken many important project in the history of Denizli. We undertake many projects with inter-agency co-operation. We constructed many sports facilities for our citizens. We try to offer opportunities to our citizens to sustain a healthy life. After completion of this project, children will do sports in a very modern sports center. In addition, more that 10 thousand children and women attended the sports courses. Shortly after, we will begin construction of indoor swimming pools.Denizli will also become a sports city. Denizli holds first place in many areas and I believe, that Denizli will take first place in the sports field.'