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Regeneration of Servergazi Park comes to an end

Denizli Municipality reconstructs Servergazi Park, which will among the city's most beautiful parks.
Municipality continues to implement projects such as a new parks, gardens, landscaping, playgrounds, volleyball and basketball courts, active and passive recreation areas. Within the scope of regeneration of Servergazi Park, there will be ponds, paving, walking paths laid with natural stone, jogging paths, new fountains, benches, children's wooden playgrounds, jogging track, natural recreational areas, picnic areas, parking, wood buffet, restaurant, pergolas and picnic areas. Infrastructure studies in this area has been completed. Excavation and concrete works of fountains and ponds also completed. Superstructure studies such as roads and landscaping also came to the stage of completion. After putting into service, this park will be one of the most beautiful parks in Denizli.

During the 2 months, Servergazi Park will the 2nd address of citizens. Mayor Zolan: 'As you know, Servergazi recreational area was worn out over time due to the neglect. Buildings, fountains and roads were in a terrible state. After joining of 13 towns and 10 villages to Denizli Municipality, we walked around these places. We have examined Servergazi Park 3-4 times and decided what needs to be done. Studies are continuing. After completion, this park will become the 2nd address for everybody. Citizens, who want to have a picnic, who want to do sport, children, young people and elderly citizens will rest here. We will complete regeneration of the park for about 2 months.'