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Construction of Sheltered Market Place in Kayıhan District

Denizli Municipality continues construction of Sheltered Market Place and Study Center in Kayıhan. Sheltered Market Place will be be put into service for residents within 2-3 months.
Mayor Zolan has examined ongoing works on site. He has conversed with workers and gave the following information on the ongoing construction of market place. Kayıhan sheltered market place has 3000 m2 areas. Study Center is constructed on 1870 square meters area. Study Center consists of basement, ground floor and 1st floor; Sheltered Market Place consists of a single floor. Marketplace also was designed to meet the other needs of residents.
Except Sunday, marketplace will be used as parking lot; in the Feast of the Sacrifice this place will be used as cutting locations. After landscaping, sheltered market place will be put into service.
Mayor: 'I promised residents of Kayıhan the building of sheltered market place. We kept our word. Our aim is to provide a healthier and more beautiful life for our citizens. Residents of Kayıhan will have an sheltered market place soon and it will a municipality's gift for residents.'
Sheltered Market Place consists of 16 stores and 140 market stands.