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Mayor Zolan: 'We are on duty day and night''

The Mayor of Denizli Municipality, Osman Zolan, together with members of the press visited the completed work at Kayıhan Indoor Marketplace and Coated Swimming Pool construction and the Bağbaşı Road editing work. Mayor Zolan: ''We continue to realize major projects for the growing Denizli. The service steps that runs in this journey to introduction of major projects that are in progress in our city make us proud'' he said.

The Mayor of Denizli Municipality, Osman Zolan, together with a crowd of journalists
visited the completed work at Kayıhan Indoor Marketplace and Coated Swimming Pool construction and the Bağbaşı Road editing work.
Kayıhan neighborhood and the surroundings waiting with excitement the visit of Mayor   Zolan. He started visiting together with Deputy Mayors Nilgün Ök and Mahmut Güngör.

Our people deserve it
Mayor Zolan hailed for Kayıhan Indoor Marketplace, as the Information House and Course Center at the same time will start operating in a short time. Mayor Zolan remembered the promise he gave to citizens who were having difficulties in winter with mud, in summer with dust and heat for a local marketplace to people leaving in Kayıhan neighborhood. ''We completed a very important facility for the region. In short time at Kayıhan Indoor Marketplace's upper floor will be opened an information house and a course center. The marketplace in terms of health and security gives all the comforts you need. Also in our region there was no center for studies. There was need and demand. For our children future we brought together this two projects and we started the construction of a center for studies. Will have useful saloons. Practicing sports area also became more important in our attention. Kayıhan neighborhood and the surroundings will take benefits from this. Sunday after the trades draw will take place the market will open. Good luck to the 9th marketplace in Denizli. Its building is placed on an area about 6,800 square meters. The building was designed for bringing benefits to children with the information house and the center for studies and also to the neighborhood citizens with 213 bench and 24 shops. Our children will can study here. We gave a promise to Kayıhan neighborhood citizens. We are keeping our promises. Our aim is to offer to our people the possibility of living in a healthy and beautiful environment.

Everyone will learn to swim 
Mayor Zolan with participation of Deputy Mayor Bekir Bozdağ made the next stop on the Kayıhan Indoor Swimming Pool construction whose foundation was laid last month. Mayor Zolan, providing information about rapidly outgoing in making Kayıhan Indoor Swimming Pool, ''Last month, a ceremony attended by Deputy Mayor Bekir Bozdağ ported the basis of an indoor swimming pool. The rapidly ongoing of the swimming pool construction meet an important need of the area and of Denizli. We also started to make indoor and outdoor swimming pools in other different districts of Denizli. Here is our beginning. Denizli's citizens need this. We want everyone to larn to swim. Here we'll give free swimming courses. We are realizing a ultra-modern facility. Located on an area of 4.500 m2, Kayıhan Swimming Pool will contain a large half olympic swimming pool and a small training pool. These swimming pools will be made at the world standards. They also will be used for underwater hockey, sporty swimming and training exercises. We are planning to finish it until new year. Everybody will can use it. Our plans for growing up the number of swimming pools are going on. We want every child to have the opportunity to learn to swim . We want people of all ages to do sports in Denizli. Denizli's sports, as all the other domains will be an example in Turkey.'' he said.

Antalya Road will have a completely different look
Than Mayor Zolan with the team examined the work arrangements made at the Bağbaşı Road. Speaking about one of the most important transportation arteries from Denizli, Antalya Road, with the re-organization of seven kilometer section between the Ulus intersection and Kelleci Kardeşler intersection, Mayor Zolan expressed: ''The arrangements we made to Ankara's and Izmir's access gats made Denizli a different city. In the past the conditions of those regions was deplorable. Now its condition befits Denizli. We are making planing for Antalya Road since last year. The increased standards of security and comfort Antalya Road will befit Denizli. We will work in cooperation with Department of  Regional State Highways.The asphalt ways and the other road arrangements will be made by Denizli Municipality. Performed in the third stage of construction will be completed in a short period of 4 months.''