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Kayıhan Indoor Swimming Pool Is Almost Finished

Denizli's second swimming pool construction provided by Denizli Municipality is in full swing. 70 percent from the construction has been done. Kayıhan Indoor Swimming Pool whose foundation was laid in May with the participation of the Deputy Prime Minister Bekri Bozdağ is approaching to the end. With the completion of the project Denizli will win a new and modern sport facilities.
Everyone Will Learn To Swim
Giving information about the Outdoor swimming pool from TEV Anatolian High School made by Denizli Municipality, Mayor of Denizli Municipality Osman Zolan said: ''We are making the second swimming pool located in Kayıhan District after we built the Outdoor swimming pool from TEV Anatolian High School. It will solve an issue of the city. Our goal is to provide everyone the opportunity to learn swim. We are giving all equipments such as swimwear, goggles, swim cap free of charge. All sports courses, organized by Denizli Municipality are free of charge. This summer, more than 2 thousand children have lunched the free of charge swimming courses. The Metropolitan Denizli needs more indoor swimming pools. Therefore we wanted to make a world-class indoor semi-Olympic swimming pool in Kayıhan District, ''he said.
We are offering facilities to make sport consciously
Stating that they are trying to do everything is necessary to enhance the ability of Denizli's people, to strengthen their physical and mental health by doing sports, Mayor Zolan, ''With the aim of improving the quality of social life of our citizens Denizli has gained important facilities. Due to these sports facilities we are offering the citizens a range of facilities to do sports regularly and consciously in modern conditions. Kayıhan Indoor Swimming Pool is one of them. We want to increase the love for sports in Denizli and to give the citizens the opportunity to do sports with modern and high-quality methods.
Denizli Municipality has opened courses in various branches of sports such as basketball, volleyball, swimming, athletics, football and other. This year we have given courses to children. But we'll bring really beautiful contribution to Denizli before the new year when the indoor swimming pool will be opened. Due to this facility we'll give all citizens the opportunity to lunch the swimming courses for 12 months at any time of the day not only summer, ''he said.