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Molla Creek Dying Like The Garden of Eden

After making the Molla Creek park on the area of 174 thousand m2, this time, Denizli Municipality is organizing an additional area of 15 thousand m2, as organic market and unique plant demonstration area.

After Denizli Municipality has arranged the Molla Creek and the surrounding environment as a park for citizens, this time it's arranging the upper part of the park, a 15 thousand m2 area with endemic and medicinal plants.
The teams of Parks and Gardens Department have worked for about 4 weeks to finish the excavation and filling works for the park. Then, curbs and paving stones were laid so as to surround area. The area was surrounded by wire fences to provide security for the people and to pass through the park pedestrian paths were made.
In the park there were planted linden, basil, sycamore, acacia and pine nut tree seedlings. The park, arranged with grass and flowers will be completed and opened for citizens until the end of the year. As the Valley Park, Molla Creek Park will have waterfall, pool, seating areas, children' s playground, buffet, aromatic plant demonstration area and a challenge.
Mayor of Denizli Municipality Osman Zolan said that Molla Creek was arranged as a valley in order to create a center of attraction for those who want to relax. Pointing out that the amount of green space in Denizli is more than the average in the European countries, Mayor Zolan said: '' 'In European countries there are 8 m2 of green space per capita. In Denizli there are 12 m2 per capita. Shortly before we had opened Servazgazi Park for service. Compleating the projects AK Valley, Sevindik Valley and Molla Creek Valley the amount of green space per capita will increase even more in Denizli. ''
Remaining that park will be opened at the end of year, Mayor Zolan said: ''I'm already celebrating our citizens for the park. 10 years ago Denizli didn't have any park of thousand m2. Now, only one park has 660 thousand m2. We are doing our duty for this nation. We have realized together many projects in order to make Denizli healthier, greener and with more modern values. I'm celebrating again our citizens for Molla Creek Valley Project. ''