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Giant Projects Countdown Begins

Stating that projects started at the beginning of 2013 continue in full swing, Mayor of Denizli Municipality Osman Zolan said that by finishing the investments in the city, Denizli, now almost a a construction site, will be completely chanced, will take a different dimension.

Mayor Zolan, gave information about the municipality 's ongoing investments. Stating that the Municipality' s work continues intensively, Mayor Zolan said: ''Since we came on duty we have continued to serve this city working on issues of priority. We have made significant investments in roads, paving, sewers, as well as routine works on drinking water, the newly opened roads and streets, renewing parks, the new bus station, AK Valley, Sevindik Valley, indoor sports halls, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, Bağbaşı highway and surroundings arrangements, each with its own category. With the ongoing projects realized in all neighborhoods throughout the city, Denizli has almost become a construction site. Following the submission service in these projects Denizli will take another important step towards becoming a world city''.


Mayor Zolan noted that Denizli, made great steps rom a large village towards metropolitan. ''All the beauties you can see in the city are due to the works that our team has done since 2004. Starting with Nihat Zeybekci, I hope this ongoing service will continue for many years. Of course, we succeeded all these beauties together with our citizens. Their support gave us strength and courage and this is seen in our works. Prime Minister showed us a vision of the target city in 2004. We are happy we will keep our promise and we'll bring Denizli further than we imagined as soon as possible. For now we have turned the world city, Denizli, in a construction site. Thanks to our citizens we'll achieve this goal as well. On this occasion I would like to thank to all of our citizens who contribute to make Denizli a world city. Large projects will be launched soon, one by one.
Soon, Denizli will be completely chanced, will take a different dimension. We believed in it, and we'll continue to work hard for it, "said Mayor Zolan.


Mayor of Denizli Municipality Osman Zolan, remaining that in 137 years the last budget of Denizli Municipality was 565 million Turkish lira, ''This year our budget is 565 million Turkish lira. We accelerated the increase of investments in the budget. Should I make investments in a pre-election? criticism came. Our goal is as long as we are on duty to work to provide service for citizens living in Denizli. For this reason, we give importance to the investments. Investment rate in the budget is increasing every year. 3-5 years ago the investment rate in the budget was 40 percent, in 2014 the investment rate reaches 56 percent. This is the biggest rate in the last 10 years. This is also shows how high reached Denizli. Our goal is to make Denizli a world city as soon as possible. We'll surely succeed it, ''he said.