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Denizli is Getting the Second White

Denizli's second "White Paradise" after Pamukkale, Bozdağ Ski Center's works are approaching to the end. Together with Governor Demir, Mayor of Denizli Municipality Osman Zolan went to Bozdağ to examine the work in progress on the site and to take informations from the authorities. Mayor Zolan: ''Denizli has made collaboration and cooperation with all institutions in order to increase and to promote the tourism in Bozdağ. In short time this place will begin to serve the country's tourism. Our country and Denizli's economy will gain from this place. We have achieved this together, ''he said

The works started on the Bozdağ ski center located close to Nikfer town connected to Denizli's district, Tavas, have come to an end. By going to Bozdağ, Governor Abdülkadir Demir together with Mayor of Denizli Municipality Osman Zolan examined the ongoing work on the site and took informations from the authorities.

We did it together
Stating that Bozdağ is the new important value of Denizli, Mayor of Denizli Municipality Osman Zolan said: ''Together with our Governor, our Deputies, with our President of Provincial General Council and members of the Council we are striving to enrich Denizli and our country with this value located here for centuries. Our Governor has developed great works for tourism here, for nearly two years. In this regard I would like to thank especially to our Governor. The Deputies were engaged in transferring resources from Ankara. As Denizli Municipality we have done grate efforts in the execution of this work. People from Denizli and surroundings will have the possibility to come here and ski. We have started the works to be a ski resort here. I wish to our Denizli all the best. ''

The second white in Denizli
Saing that ''Here will be the second white of Denizli'', Mayor of Denizli Municipality Osman Zolan continued as follows: ''Of course, firstly the work began here with planning. 25,000 plans were made. Now the works on 5000 and 1000 planning with ministry approval will be completed. Heve been made auctions regarding the facilities. It doesn't see any obstacle in our way. I hope Allah will let us to finish our works. Bozdag is already a good value today. But a few years later it will be the first place that comes to mind when you called the center of life in the Aegean region. We have achieved this together. In terms of tourism Pamukkale is far ahead a well known value in the world. Besides this, we need to diversify our tourism areas. This diversification in tourism will be made in Denizli by the ski tourism which I'm sure will increase with each passing day. We are in an intensive study in terms of alternative tourism. I hope that by increasing the alternative of our tourism and by realizing a 'first' in Turkey's ski tourism to add value to our country and our city. I was waited to make this visit and I hope will have the opportunity to see these works coming to the end as soon as possible, ''he said.

Will be launched in January
Stating that works on the ski center are coming to an end, Governor Demir said that until now at Nikfer Ski Center were done eight tracks, three ski lifts now under construction with a capacity to carry 2,500 people per hour will have 720, 1,608 and 1,365 meters long, and will be launched in January. 
Stating that two chair lift facilities will be also completed in January, Governor Demir said: ''The works on daily use and park areas were completed. The construction of the power line transformer was done. The ski slopes and service roads auctions will be held in the coming days. Tracked snow vehicles will come up to 1 month. 50 ski equipment will be taken. A thousand ton tank and drinking water line will be made in the coming months. "
The Governor Demir has added that here at Bozdağ Ski Center people will have the possibility to ski beginning with the first snow in November until the end of April.