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Be ready for change

The arrangements work started by Denizli Municipality on the Antalya - Muğla Road, one of the major transportation artery of Denizli, were completed at a rate of 85 percent. Due to the uninterrupted works, a large part of the Bağbaşı Road was opened to traffic in both directions. A small part of the road is still in work but up to 10 days Denizli Municipality will finish the works here and will give to use 7 kilometers of asphalted road on two ways.

The editing work of Denizli Municipality on the Bağbaşı Road continues at a great pace. The asphalting work started by Denizli Municipality in order to flow the traffic in both directions on the Antalya - Muğla Road, one of Denizli's major transport arteries will be completed up to 10 days. Finishing the arrangement works on 7 kilometers in a short period of one month, Denizli Municipality will lead the Bağbaşı Road to a completely different view.

85 percent of work was completed

The arrangement works on the remaining 7 kilometers down the Antalya - Muğla Road between Ulus Junction and the Kalleci Kardeşler Junction realized by Denizli Municipality continues at a great pace. When the work carried out by the Denizli Municipality will be completed the Bağbaşı Road will be at the the world standards. When the work will be completed, seven-kilometer of road on three lanes, two-way bike paths, the landscape architecture and illumination will be modernized. Finishing the works on the Bağbaşı Road both urban and intercity transportation traffic will become more secure and more comfortable.

Bağbaşı Road will be an example in the Aegean Region
Voicing that they have performed significant investments in the region, Mayor of Denizli Municipality Osman Zolan said: ''In 2009 Denizli Municipality, which belongs to this region, have signed important projects. Due to the lack of infrastructure, even the smallest rain was affected negatively this region and citizens were victims of what was happening here. Our citizens were literally praying for not raining. We have renewed here over 50 kilometers of storm water lines and there are no rain water shortage in the region anymore. The factors that were caused flooding have been eliminated. The arrangement works we have done here will change the look of the Bağbaşı Road. We make the 7 kilometers of Bağbaşı Road at the international standards. Compleating the works to Antalya - Muğla road, one of the major transportation arteries in Denizli, will be increased the standard of the road in terms of security and comfort. The road will have three-lane driveway, side roads, two-way bike paths, a modern landscape architecture and illumination. The works on Bağbaşı Road are done in the region between Ulus Junction and the Kalleci Kardeşler Junction. Launched in collaboration with Regional Directorate of Highways, this project will fit the new image of Denizli. This road will be at the highest level of life safety. When the ongoing works will be completely finished our city will have a completely different look. We had promised to our people and we are happy to fulfill our promise, "he said.

We did it together
Stating that during the works people from the region have lived some hardships, Mayor Zolan said: ''All the works in this region have created some difficulties and problems to the citizens living in this region. But beauty is not easy to reach. I thank all the citizens who supported us on every topic until today. If there is something that we have done in Denizli is due to the labor of all of us. For this reason we did it together and once again I would like to thank you. ''