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Denizli will be the new address of mountain tourism

Due to the complex project implemented by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, Denizli, which has all types of tourism except the coastal one, is going to be a center of mountain tourism. Within the project, works are carried out to build a cable car to facilitate reaching the plateau in a short time and also the construction of accommodation in the area.

With its white paradise Pamukkale, 19 ancient cities, thermal wealth, health, nature, history, caves, with faith and culture tourism, Denizli is a well known city in Turkey. Metropolitan Municipality implements new projects and started the studies on making the second white paradise of winter tourism in Bozdağ and also to make Denizli a center of mountain tourism. Denizli attracts nearly 2 million tourists per year. Metropolitan Municipality develops different projects in order to increase the alternative tourism resources in Denizli and started the project of a the cable car to bring tourists on Zeytin Plateau. The works on the cable car are in full swing.

Examination on the Zeytin Plateau

Officials of the Metropolitan Municipality Survey and Projects Department, Environmental Protection and Control Department and DESKİ together with the representatives of GEKA made a study visit in the field of the Project 'Zeytin Plateau enriches tourism', project prepared by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, supported by the Southern Aegean Development Agency (GEK A) and by the Tourism Infrastructure and Financial Assistance Program. The Project 'Zeytin Plateau enriches tourism' will bring an alternative tourism potential to the city and will be the region's natural recreation and picnic area. According to the region's natural structure the project will contain single and family-type tents, 30 bungalows, 10 units of local products exhibition-outlets, 3 buffet, 2 rustic restaurants and 1 teahouse, men-women and disabled toilets and an administration building. With the completion of the project Zeytin Plateau will be the first plateau in Denizli which will provide mountain tourism and accommodation.

Will be enjoyed the coolness in summer and the snow in winter

With the completion of the cable car and Zeytin Plateau, foreign and domestic tourists and all the locals who want to climb the plateau will be able to take the cable car from Bağbaşı District and accompanied by a unique view of the city at an altitude of 1400 meters will reach the Zeytin Plateau in few minutes. With the facilities that will serve on the Zeytin Plateau locals and tourists will have the opportunity to spend a wonderful time in the nature.Water, electricity and sewage treatment plants will be also made in the region. Thus, people will enjoy here the coolness in summer and the snow in winter.

Alternative tourism will increase investments

Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan said that Denizli is extremely rich in terms of tourism and they are giving a different importance to alternative tourism resources in Denizli. Stating that the investments made in the last years in alternative tourism can be seen, Mayor Zolan, ''Now an industrial and agricultural city, with the rich resources in tourism, Denizli will be a leader in tourism in the future. In addition to our values such as Pamukkale and Laodicea which are unique in the world and with a history of thousands of years, we are investing in alternative tourism, such as winter tourism and mountain tourism. Metropolitan Municipality is ready to do everything to enrich alternative tourism in Denizli, ''he said.
Stating that Cable car and Zeytin Plateau project will be a complex, Mayor Zolan, ''People who will reach the Zeytin Plateau by cable car will enjoy the nature in the tents and bungalow camping areas. people will enjoy here the coolness in summer and the snow in winter, ''he said.