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Visually Impaired Football Team in the 2nd League

The Visually Impaired Football Team of Denizli Municipality City Council Disabled Assembly has been on the 3rd place in Turkey Football Promotion Group for Visually Impaired and has passed in the 2nd League.
Visually Impaired Football Team has played in Turkey Football Promotion matches for Visually Impaired organized in Nevşehir between 2-6 of October. Football Team had 2 matches with Kırıkkale Football Team, one match with Bursa team and one match with BAGES (Visually Impaired Team of Capital). Our team passed successfully in the 2nd League. The 2nd League matches will held in May. In January, will be announced the matches that will be played.
Chairman of Disabled Assembly of Denizli City Council Ötürk Özkan shared with joy the disabled football team trophy with Mayor of Denizli Municipality Osman Zolan.
Stating that nothing will stop the visually impaired to do sport, Mayor Zolan, ''Disabled players have showed this to us in the most beautiful way. I would like to thank to our successfully team, the management and successful footballers. I congratulate you. I wish you success in the new league. You have shown us what that everything is possible, "he said.
Then football players shared the trophy with Mayor Zolan.