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December 3rd, International Day of Persons with Disabilities

City Council Disabled Assembly of Denizli Municipality has organized a variety of events on the occasion of December 3rd- International Day of Persons with Disabilities.
Events began with placing the wreath at Ataturk Monument in front of Denizli Governorship. Here, the president of Disabled Association Osman Çiyancı related in his speech about the importance and the meaning of the day. The events continued in Çatalşeçme Theatre Hall and were Denizli Deputy Governor Ekrem Erdoğan, Deputy Mayor of Denizli Municipality Ali Değirmenci and Nilgün Ök, President of City Council Şamil Çınar together with representatives of many Associations of Disabled, people with disabilities and their families participated in the program.The event has a very great interestIn his speech Öztürk Özkan President of Disabled Assembly stated that disability is not just a problem of people with disabilities but it should interest all of us. ''The education of people with disabilities will help us to achieve our goal of no discrimination and inequality in work and in society towards people with disabilities. Our expectation from the society is to share life with social solidarity, ''he said.
President of City Council Şamil Çınar, ''Denizli Municipality together with disabled people, associations, civil society organizations is doing efforts to find common solutions to common problems that citizens with disabilities are dealing with in every day's life. On this occasion I would like to congratulate all associations. According to their needs, to their own priorities in the field of urban life many works have been implemented, ''he said.
Deputy Mayor of Denizli Municipality Ali Değirmenci noting that he sees disabled as a unique individual, ''With this understanding we have realized different programs in the social life, we have made legal arrangements and we'll continue to do our best to find new solutions to disabled people's problems. As you know, we took the prize for 'Disabled At Work' project. We are also helping people with disabilities in sports activities. We have the Disabled Football Team of City Council which is participating in different football competitions. We have a wheelchair basketball team within Denizli Metropolitan Belediyespor. We are very proud of them. Denizli Municipality is working to meet all their needs for practicing these sports. I'm thinking of what needs we met until today. We are providing transport from home to work and from work to home for people with disabilities that work in an institution. No one knows which of us will be disabled in future. Until today we have fulfilled all your demands. And we'll continue to make these efforts in future, too. Physical barriers are not very important. As long as they do not interfere in our hearts. As long as we are understanding each other there is no problem that can not be solved, ''he said.
Deputy Governor Ekrem Erdoğan, included the following opinion in his speech: ''As you know, in modern and contemporary countries consider human rights the most important concept of the concepts. Concept of human rights is now in the center of the state administration. At the beginning of the human rights there are the rights of people with disabilities. If we are looking 1 year ago we can see we have done very important steps concerning the rights of disabled. Healthy and non-disabled people now is a potential disabled candidate. While we are all likely to be potential disabled, we must approach with empathy to our disabled friends, ''he said.
Then activities, organized by disabled association were demonstrated. Disabled showed how talented they are. Dance, theater, skits and folk songs attracted great attention. Janissary Band show, prepared by the İsmail Tosunoğlu Business Training Center was one of the most acclaimed demonstrations. Çamlık Autistic Children Education Centre Folk Dance Team is captivated everyone by their show. Demonstration of Performing Group of Polis Amca Training Implementation and Business Education Center was breathtaking. Educational Institution Making and Keeping Alive Association Blind School has added the colour to the event with dwarf's spectacle. Yeşilköy Hearing Impaired School attracted attention with the play, named 'Crescent and Star'. Buse, Contestant of 'The Voice of Turkey' performed beautiful songs. Boxing show of Çamlık Primary School was fun. Children of Hope Association presented a theater show.At the end of the program Deputy Governor Erdoğan, Deputy Mayors Değirmenci, Çınar, Ök together with directors of departments presented awards to winners of various competitions, organized for persons with disabilities.