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The Glorious Opening of Denizli's Rooster

The largest Glass Rooster Statue of Turkey which was built in the open area in Çınar Square in front of Denizli Municipality was inaugurated with ceremony. Those who want to be witness to this historic moment met in Çınar Square. Denizli's long-awaited Glass Rooster Statue was inaugurated with a glorious ceremony. Removed because of Denizli Municipality's superstructure works started, Denizli's Rooster Statue was put in its new place with this ceremony.
Following the works to superstructure initiated by Denizli Municipality last year, Denizli rooster statue located in Delikliçınar Square was removed from its place. Denizli Municipality published on the website a survey related to which material the new rooster statue to be made and the citizens wanted the new rooster statue to be made by glass. Prepared with great care since last year, the Turkey's largest glass rooster statue was inaugurated. Denizli Governor Abdülkadir Demir, AK Party Denizli Deputies Bilal Uçar, Nihat Zeybekci, Nurcan Dalbudak, Mayor of Denizli Municipality Osman Zolan, Garrison Commander Brigadier General Memduh Hakbilen, Denizli Police Chief Zeki Bulut and hundreds of Denizli's citizens attended the ceremony held in front of Denizli Municipality. After the ceremony citizens examined with great interest the statue made of glass. The white columns located under the rooster statue that refers to Pamukkale travertines attracted great attention.
Mayor of Denizli Municipality Osman Zolan started his opening speech by thanking to everyone who came at inauguration despite the heat of midday. Stating that Denizli is unique in the world for its beauties, Mayor Zolan said:
''Denizli is special and well-known for its textiles, tourism, agriculture and the beauty of its geography. We always felt proud to live in Denizli, to be Denizli's citizens. We are saying it is good that we live in Denizli to see this beauty. Denizli has countless beauties and of course it has also a symbol. The symbol of Denizli is Denizli's rooster. Denizli's rooster with its beautiful voice, with its specific trunk became famous in the world and accepted by everybody as a symbol of the city after the archaeological excavations from Laodicea which showed that our rooster exist in our culture since up to two thousand, three thousand years ago.
Denizli's rooster symbol dating back not to thirty forthy fifty years, perhaps it has depth of two thousand, three thousand or five thousand years of history. That's why we wanted a statue of rooster in Denizli. But it is not only a rooster statue. Together with our Mayor Mr. Nihat Zeybekci we started the works to infrastructure and superstructure and Denizli was thoroughly renovated and re-arranged. Due to its not properly location together with the beginning of superstructure works, Denizli's rooster statue located on Gazi Boulevard has lifted. When we lifted it we decided to renew it in the same place. Denizli's rooster, our symbol supposed to be here.
In Denizli the glass industry and hand crafts has developed. From here we started our thoughts. The glass integrated in Denizli. There are many factories and workshops on glass made in Denizli. In the same time we wanted to ask our citizens, too. We wanted to put there the elegance of glass. But we wanted citizens to choose from what material the rooster statue will be made. People from Denizli chose the most beautiful material, glass but the most difficult to do. We had to do the hard work. Each part of it, each detail was made manually. We didn't work with any fabrication or molded. I hope you will like. Also under the rooster even if it not looks like Pamukkale we put Denizli's marble. We used as a base value of Pamukkale here, too. We have made Turkey's largest glass sculpture. We are very happy to do it here in Denizli. We will continue to keep alive Denizli's firsts. ''
Denizli Deputy Nihat Zeybekci, ''Denizli looking for the future event meeting was held with thousands of people. There seven topics were determined. Four of them are travertine, tourism, thermal, and agriculture. Now this sculpture added to it. We can be number one in these. Because in Denizli there is glass and because is a future for Denizli we brought up to this day the works we do. I would like to thank firstly to our mayor who took this decision. I want to thank the citizens for deciding, for giving directions. After that, it will be the first and only. And will remain like this. Get auspicious auspicious, "he said. Denizli Governor Abdülkadir Demir, ''This crowd shows to us what the Rooster means in Denizli. Rooster literally expresses the character of Denizli's people. The rooster, not only for itself, but also is a creature that take into consideration the environment where it lives. This feature integrates with the people of Denizli. Get the best to all of us again for Denizli's Rooster, ''he said.
The statue of glass rooster is 2.6 meters high and 4.10 meters high together with its base. With its construction size and made of glass the sculpture carries the title of Turkey's largest glass sculpture. The sculpture was designed and produced by artists from Denizli. Using flame-working, forming, the techniques of glass the statue was revealed. Is the Turkey's largest glass sculpture exhibited in the open air. Every part of it was manufactured individual. Approximately 6000 pieces of ivory colors feathers were produced by the fire. For the feathers colors from the tail and chest portions were used only colors from melting glass. Has special characteristic for not burning or freezing. The blue glass parts over the travertine marbles reminds the waters of Pamukkale. The substructure was made of steel used in aircraft construction and space technology, which was coated with carbon fiber and pieces of glass were put on it.