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New infrastructure in Sevindik

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan gave the good news that the infrastructure works in Sevindik Neighborhood will begin in 2018 at the high demand of the neighbourhood's residents.

The traditional iftar dinners organised by the Denizli Metropolitan Municipality during the month of Ramadan is going on in Sevindik Neighborhood. Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan participated to iftar dinner together with his wife Berrin Zolan, the neighbourhood's mukhtars, and thousands of citizens. Mayor Zolan celebrated everyone for the month of Ramadan and after reading the Ezan, he opened the fast together with the citizens. Addressing the residents of the neighbourhood after the iftar dinner, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan announced the beginning of the infrastructure works in Sevindik Neighbourhood, in 2018.

Sevindik will be more beautiful

Stating that the hight demand of Sevindik Neighborhood was related to the infrastructure, Mayor Zolan said: ''We will begin the works on the infrastructure of Sevindik Neighborhood in the spring of 2018. There is also a high demand for urban transformation in this neighbourhood. We are also doing technical studies on this issue. ''Pointing out that they have also brought the natural gas in Sevindik Neighborhood, Mayor Zolan said: ''When the substructure and superstructure of Sevindik will be completed, all the problems here will be solved. We will always take into consideration the demands of our citizens. We want to have a more beautiful Sevindik Neighborhood, and we work for it. ''