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My Neighborhood Project is growing

Akçeşme Neighborhood has joined the My Neighborhood Project implemented by the Denizli Metropolitan Municipality City Council.

My Neighborhood Project, implemented by the Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Department of Mukhtars Affairs and started in 8 neighbourhoods, is growing up. Akçeşme Neighborhood has also joined the project that aims to improve the quality of life in the neighbourhoods by creating a management unit at the neighbourhood scale, by ensuring the public participation in decision-making processes, and by determining the common needs of the neighbourhood. Denizli Metropolitan Municipality City Council President Ali Değirmenci, Secretary General Baran Akın, Women Assembly President Bilsen Özen, Akçesme Neighborhood Mukhtar Şaban Heybeli, and the neighbourhood residents participated in the project meeting held in Akçesme Neighborhood. Stating that My Neighborhood Project will also involve the neighbourhood residents in the decision-making process by producing solutions to the problems they are experiencing, the City Council President Değirmenci said that the project is growing day by day.


"Residents of the neighborhood will be included in the decisions taken"

President Değirmenci said: ''When we will take decisions in the future we want to speak with the Akçeşme Neighborhood and to make the decisions together. The management understanding is changing. We came here to make you part of this process. We want to leave a better future for our future generations, for our children, and our grandchildren. " Stating that the neighbourhood Mukhtar is the head of the neighbourhood council, Değirmenci said: "We want to bring this project a bit further. We want women, young people, children, people with disabilities, elderly, and everyone in our neighbourhood to be part of our councils. With this project, our citizens living in Akçeşme will come together at certain periods to meet each other, exchange ideas, to chat and share the beauties that are thought together. " After speaking, Akçeşme Neighborhood has joined My Neighborhood Project with the approval of the residents of the neighbourhood.