Home Mayor Osman Zolan said: ''Our new pedestrian overpass is ready''

Mayor Osman Zolan said: ''Our new pedestrian overpass is ready''

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, which continues its investments for more convenient and safe transportation of citizens, has completed the installation of the basin at the University Pedestrian Overpass. Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan emphasized that they realized this project to provide the safest crossroad for our citizens in this region and said: "If we can prevent any loss of life with this investment, we would be happy to prevent any human suffering. I wish the new pedestrian crossing to be beneficial for our citizens, "he said.

The Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, which invested millions of Turkish lira for a more comfortable and safe transportation of the Denizli people, has completed the University Pedestrian Overpass, built on the Denizli-Antalya Highway. Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan reminded the members of the press that he promised earlier for the overpass that will enable Denizli-Antalya Highway to be used more comfortably and safely by the people. Mayor Zolan, "In this region live especially many university students. There was a need for a pedestrian overpass here in terms of convenient access to the university, the hospital and the busiest business establishments. We made a promise, the make the project and today we have here a new pedestrian overpass. I hope it will be beneficial to our city, "he said.

"We want no loss of life"

Speaking about the technical characteristics of the overpass, Mayor Osman Zolan said: "This will be a pedestrian overpass. We also have normal stairs. The length of this bridge is 42 meters long, weighing 70 tons, and 90 tons of steel was used to make it. The width of our pedestrian crossing was also designed to be 4 meters. We hope that with this bridge our citizens to have a safer pass, to be no loss of life on the Denizli-Antalya road, where there is intense traffic. Unfortunately, until today, we regret to see that there are many casualties. Our bridges and these pedestrian overpasses should be used. There's no point in making it when it's not used. We are making such investments because of we the value we give to our citizens. "

''We keep the promise we gave''

Stating that the investment will become more meaningful when people will start to use it, Mayor Zolan said: "We would be happy if we can prevent a human suffering, if we can prevent a loss of life with this investment. A life is worth and priceless. Can a soul be paid? Worlds cannot be paid. ''Stating that everyone should be careful in traffic, Mayor Zolan said, "We promised we will make a pedestrian overpass in the university area. We are happy we kept that promise. We ask our citizens to use this overpass for their own security. We love our citizens very much. Today we have brought one more beauty to our Denizli. I hope the new pedestrian crossing to be beneficial to our city. ''

''We will continue to make good things for our Denizli''

Emphasizing that the cost of the project is not important, Denizli Metropolitan Mayor Osman Zolan said: "The total cost is 1 million 250 thousand TL. But this price is not important. We are looking for the need. If we need it, if it is a vital necessity, we put it on our agenda without any thought. I hope this project will prevent any loss of life and any human suffering. " Stating that Denizli-Antalya Highway will become safer from now on, Mayor Zolan said: "We donated Denizli-Antalya road with the highest level of landscape arrangements and quality asphalt. With this pedestrian crossing, I hope that we will have added a plus in terms of safety. We will continue to beautify our Denizli. ''