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Metropolitan is revolutionizing transportation

The Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, which makes important investments to solve the problem of transportation in Denizli, will open soon the Industrial Connection Bridge, which is almost completed. The Industrial Connection Bridge will make the connection between the industrial sites and will also put an end to the traffic intensity in the region.

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, which made many investments in bridges, ring roads, overpasses, parking places, intelligent transportation systems to end the transportation problem in Denizli, completed the Industrial Connection Bridge on ─░zmir Boulevard. Visiting and examining the last work on the Industrial Connection Bridge which will connect Denizli to ─░zmir, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan said that they will open the Industrial Connection Bridge in a short period of time.

"We strive to work for our future, not only for the moment"

Stating that the Industrial Connection Bridge will have a total of 4 lanes and will connect the 1st and 2nd industrial zone to the 3rd industrial zone, Mayor Osman Zolan said the bridge will relax the traffic jam in the region. Serving both vehicles and pedestrians, the bridge will solve the problem of transportation in Denizli. Stating that they work day and night to bring more comfortable and safe transportation in Denizli,  Mayor Zolan said, "We are continuing to make permanent works for our city. We are making investments in our future, not only for the moment. These facilities will serve our city for many years. ''

500 meters length

The Industrial Connection Bridge, which will make the connection between the 1st and 2nd industrial zones with the 3rd industrial zone, will be built on five feet. The bridge with 4 leg openings, the middle collar opening will be 52 meters, the first two leg openings will be 32 meters. The total length of the bridge, including connecting roads, will be 500 meters.