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Kayıhan Neighborhood Assembly was established

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality City Council has established the Kayıhan Neighborhood Assembly within My Neighborhood Project.

The Kayıhan Neighbourhood has joined My Neighbourhood Project, which aims to improve the people's life quality by establishing a management unit at the Denizli Metropolitan Municipality's neighbourhood scale and ensuring public participation in decision-making processes and determining the common needs of the people. Denizli Metropolitan Municipality City Council President Ali Değirmenci, General Secretary Baran Akın, Women's Assembly President Bilsen Özen, Youth Assembly President Bilge Naz Sak, Kayıhan Neighborhood Mukhtar Mahmut Uğuz and neighbourhood residents participated in the project presentation meeting held in Kayıhan Neighbourhood. Stating that neighbourhood mukhtars and neighbourhood residents will take part in the decision process by producing solutions to the problems they are experiencing, Değirmenci said that the project continues to grow day by day.

"City Council culture continues to develop"

Değirmenci said: ''Our City Council develop projects that touch the daily lives of people called social projects. We are in contact with the social needs of our citizens and their spiritual needs. Women, Disabled, Youth Assemblies organizes many activities. City Council culture in Denizli continues to develop. ''