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Gerzele and İncilipınar joined ''My neighborhood'' project

Gerzele and İncilipınar Neighborhood joined My Neighborhood Project, which is an example project of social responsibility implemented by the Denizli Metropolitan Municipality City Council. In this context, the Gerzele and İncilipınar Neighborhood Assembly were established.

A Neighborhood Assembly was established in Gerzele and İncilipınar neighborhoods within the scope of the 'My Neighborhood Project' initiated by the Denizli Metropolitan Municipality City Council to opening a management unit at the neighbourhood scale, to ensure public participation in the decision-making processes, to determine the common needs of the localities and to improve the quality of life of the local community. Denizli Metropolitan Municipality City Council President Ali Değirmenci, General Secretary Baran Akın, Women's Assembly President Bilsen Özen, Disabled Assembly President Sevil Güngör, İncilipınar Neighborhood Mukhtar Kadir Göksu, Gerzele Neighborhood Mukhtar Mesut Salta and residents of the neighbourhood attended the introductory meeting held for the Neighborhood Assembly established.

"The City Council is a good move"

Stating that citizens living in the neighbourhood should have a say in decisions, the City Council President Değirmenci said: ''The City Council is made up of people who voluntarily sacrifice their time, who want to benefit our society. The City Council is actually a good move. It addresses to everyone who lives in the neighbourhood including men, women, young people, elderly and disabled people. The City Council does not build roads, parks, buildings, but the City Council makes volunteers. It addresses to volunteers. In this context, we are in search of what we can do for the women, young people, children, elderly and for people with disabilities living in our neighbourhoods. ''After President Değirmenci's speech, the presidents of assemblies gave information about their work.