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The Most Colorful Road Safety and Traffic Week

Citizens who participated in the program organized on the Road Safety and Traffic Week by the Denizli Metropolitan Municipality could try penalty shoots wearing the alcohol simulator glasses and walking on the straight line, which was the scene of colourful images.

Denizli started to celebrate with various activities the Road Safety and Traffic Week. Denizli Deputy Governor Kemal İnan, Merkezefendi District Governor Şükrü Görücü, Denizli Police Chief Mevlüt Demir, Denizli Provincial Gendarmerie Commander Colonel Metin Düz, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary-General Mustafa Gökoğlan, citizens and students participated in the activity starting with a cortege from in front of Denizli Governorship to 15 Temmuz Delikliçınar Şehitler Square. In the cortege accompanied by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality band, students carried banners consisting of slogans such as ''We are also in traffic'', ''Our life ... We didn't find it on the road, let's not lose it on the road'', Uncle driver, slow down when you see me'', ''Be an example to us in traffic'' and ''You can get a new car, but I can not get a new life''.

Traffic rules explained

After the cortege ended in 15 Temmuz Delikliçınar Şehitler Square, people received brochures and information related to traffic rules at the stands established by many institutions and foundations in the square. At the Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department stand, the protocol and citizens tried to walk on a straight line by wearing alcohol simulator glasses. It was the scene of colourful images that made it difficult to make penalty shootings with glasses. Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Fire Brigade also provided information about the possible accidents during interventions.