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Kale university building will be ready for the next term

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan gave the good news of the university building built in Kale District that will be ready to the new training period. Mayor Osman Zolan said, ''We work day and night for our citizens,'' he said.

Metropolitan Mayor Osman Zolan met with tradesmen and citizens living in Özlüce and Alanyurt neighbourhoods of Kale District.  Kale Mayor Mehmet Salih Sağınç, AK Party Kale District Chairman Yılmaz Baylavlı and accompany accompanied the Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan during the visit to Kale Vocational School building renovated by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality. Mayor Osman Zolan said they promised to make a new university building in Kale and they made it. The new school building will be ready for the new school year. Mayor Zolan said, ''We believe that the school building will be ready to receive students on September 15, when the new school year will begin. There is a lot of work to do. Our Kale District deserved this new building. I wish the Kale Vocational School building will fit our district and our Denizli. ''

''We are happy to make one more monumental work''

Mayor Zolan continued his speech as follows: ''Our students here will bring many beauties to Kale district and to our country. We are happy to make one more monumental work in Kale. I hope the number of students will increase at Kale University. This building will bring beauty to our city. We will continue to work day and night for our city. This building is a beautiful gift from Denizli Metropolitan Municipality to our district, Kale. ''

''We always answer to our people's requests''

Stating that Metropolitan Municipality continues its work following the requests of the citizens, Mayor Osman Zolan said, ''We, as Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, always answer our people's requests. If people want, we work day and night to answer their requests. Kale district is very important and valuable to us. I hope this university will bring more value and beauty to our Kale and it will contribute to the Kale's development and progress. We are happy to fulfil our promise. I wish that Kale University to be beneficial to our Kale and to our city. ''

Thanks to Mayor Zolan

Kale Mayor Mehmet Salih Sağınç thanked Denizli Metropolitan Municipality and Mayor Osman Zolan for their work. Mayor Mehmet Salih Sağınç said, ''The physical conditions of the Kale Vocational School were inadequate. Kale people and our students suffered from this situation. With this building, they will continue to study here in better and decent conditions. This was a great gesture for our students and our people. I thank Mayor Osman Zolan for keeping his promise. I wish Kale Vocational School will be auspicious for our Kale. ''