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Visit of Travelers Association to Denizli

Members of Turkey Travelers Association led by the Professor Dr Orhan Kural, who has the title of the 39th most travelled man in the world by visiting 234 countries, came to Denizli. Stating that Denizli has become a completely different city, Professor Dr Orhan Kural said, ''Denizli is a great asset.''

Visiting the Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, Turkey Travelers Association learned about the tourism, the historical and cultural values of Denizli. Turkey Travelers Association President Prof. Dr Orhan Kural, Vice President Hüseyin Gökçe, as well as members of the association together with the Director of Culture, Tourism and Promotion Department Hüdaverdi Otaklı joined the visit to Denizli Metropolitan Municipality. Having the title of the 39th most travelled man in the world by visiting 234 countries, and the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Vanuatu and Benin, Dr Orhan Kural said he came to Denizli before, but Denizli has transformed into a totally different beauty. He thanked all the labourers of this transformation. Professor Dr Orhan Kural, ''I'm the founder president of Turkey Travelers Association for 22 years. I invite people to travel and see. We advise them to go out and travel instead of watching TV. Coming to Denizli, we learned many new things. We are all very happy, ''he said.


''Denizli has become a very important centre''


Professor Dr Orhan Kural continued as follows, ''Denizli is a great asset. There are so many alive ancient Roman cities here. Denizli has become a very important centre. As members of the association, we will continue to introduce and promote Denizli. We are very happy to be here. '' Professor Dr Orhan Kural and members of the association received information about Denizli's products and works exhibited in the Culture, Tourism and Promotion Department. The guests also took a souvenir photo in front of Turkey's largest glass sculpture, the Glass Rooster and thanked the Denizli Metropolitan Municipality and Mayor Osman Zolan for their hospitality.