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The countdown begins for Yeni Avenue

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, which made great investments to solve the transportation problem in Denizli, will provide a great relief in the regional traffic with the 30 meters wide ''Yeni Avenue'' project started a while ago. With this project, the traffic will be more fluent on the İzmir Boulevard, Örnek Avenue, Ahi Sinan Avenue and Merkezefendi Avenue.

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, which invested millions of Turkish lira to end the problem of transportation in Denizli, continues to work to solve the traffic problem with the projects it develops in the required regions. With the opening of the Industrial Connection Bridge, transportation on İzmir Avenue and Sümer Neighborhood will be relieved, and intensive transportation demands on Merkezefendi Avenue and Örnek Avenue will be fulfilled with Yeni Avenue project. With this project, the new road starting from the old Zahire Marketplace will continue from Tekden Hospital and reach 29 Ekim Boulevard uninterruptedly.

Traffic density will decrease


By using Yeni Avenue, a large part of the vehicles that used to use 29 Ekim Boulevard to reach Sümer Neighbourhood and İzmir Boulevard will relieve the intensity of the traffic on Merkezefendi and Örnek Streets. Yeni Street has 30 meters wide, it has two ways with a double lane, parking pavers and wide pavements. The new route will reduce the density of the traffic on Bakırlı and Sümer Bridge Intersections, to the fluent traffic in order to drive down the İzmir Boulevard.

''It will meet a great need of Denizli''

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan emphasized that a big step was being made in the construction of the new 30-meter long road and that it will become the attraction centre of the region with the completion of the road. Stating that they will continue to make investments in transportation to make a safe and modern traffic network in Denizli, Mayor Osman Zolan said, ''Our transportation projects will relieve the traffic congestion on our intercity roads and in the city centre.'' Our Yeni Avenue project will meet the needs of both the region and Denizli. I wish it to be already auspicious. ''