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A new living space more from Metropolitan

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality is bringing a new living space to the formerly growing countryside area in Pelitlibağ Neighbourhood. The project includes parking places, social facilities, walking and running track, outdoor sports equipment, mini football field, children's playground, seating areas and parking for 120 cars.

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality makes a new living space on the area of the old orphanage in Pelitlibağ neighbourhood. The project, previously promised by the Denizli Metropolitan Mayor Osman Zolan covers an area of 13,860 square meters. The region will be able to breathe a breathable space with the work being continued to bring a new living space to the city centre. With this project, a multi-purpose hall, a mukhtar's room and a cafeteria are constructed within a 600 square meter social facility where citizens can play sports and spend their free time. In addition, the project includes walking and running tracks, open-air sports equipment, mini football field, children's playground, living areas and a decorative pool. In order to meet the parking needs of the region, there is a parking area for 120 cars in the park.


"We will continue to make beauties"

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan gave the good news that after the end of the works, the new settlement area could be benefited not only by Pelitlibağ Neighbourhood but by the entire region. Mayor Osman Zolan, who expressed his happiness to realize another promise made to Denizli with the project, said, ''We decided to make a new living space in line with the demands of our inhabitants of this neighbourhood, which was formerly a breeding home. I hope to have a new living space and a parking lot for 120 cars. We will continue to make beauties in every corner of our city, ''he said.

High interest in the Social Life and Culture Center

On the other hand, the recently opened Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Social Life and Culture Center, which is located on the area of the old governor's mansion on İstiklal Avenue, meets a great need of the region. At the centre, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality provides free gym and handicrafts courses and workshops for the citizens. Here there is also a cafeteria where citizens can rest and have a good time. People have shown a great interest in this place which is located in a very green area.