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Çivril has a new Square

It fitted Çivril perfectly. Receiving intense praise for the park and green area investments made in the districts as well as in the centre of Denizli, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality has completed the Square Project started in Çivril. The 75. Yıl Park and the 23 Nisan Park arrangements fitted perfectly Çivril.

Becoming an example in Turkey by bringing the amount of green space at 14 square meters per person with its investments in parks and green areas, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality draw attention with the investments made in parks and green areas in the districts. Hitting the road with the slogan ''Everything there is in the Denizli centre will also be in the districts'', Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan has completed the square project in the Çivril district. With the project the 75. Yıl Park and 23 Nisan Park was completed with structural and vegetative arrangements on a total area of 14,000 square meters. The renovation of the building within 23 April Park was completed and put into use as a social facility. The park consists of a children's playground, spacious seating areas and walkways. In 75. Yıl Park a new cafeteria with modern architecture was built on the place of the old building. The seating areas supported by ornamental ponds and the children's play areas have been renovated in a modern way and have become a place where children can enjoy their time.

A social alternative

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan said that they continue to make investments and services in line with the demands and needs of the citizens. Mayor Osman Zolan said, ''We continues to make investments in new urban areas, square arrangements, park and picnic areas all over the city. The 75. Yıl Park and 23 Nisan Park are one of our investments made for our citizens living in Çivril district. The children, young people and citizens of all ages can spend a good time here. These renewed and more comprehensive green areas have become a social alternative to our citizens. I wish them to be beneficial to Çivril and to our Denizli. ''

Citizens are satisfied

Citizens welcomed very well the investments made by the Denizli Metropolitan Municipality in Çivril district and said that the new square is perfect for Çivril.

Muzaffer Öztürk (63): ''Metropolitan has made beautiful studies here. They made the roads and now this park. We are glad for it. In the past, this park was very very careless. There was something like a canal in the middle of the park. Now the park is very beautiful. ''

Ferhat Enes Kızılkaya (19): ''This place is perfect for Çivril. There is also a cafeteria in the open air. It is wonderful. ''

Muammer Aymaz (64): ''This place was very bad before. There were no places where to sit comfortably. Now there is a cafeteria and all the other arrangements. We thank the Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan for his work. ''

Ayşe Uğur (17): ''There was all over mud here before. Now everybody can sit and walk comfortably. We can have fun here. At the cafeteria, we can sit with our friends. Here we can also spend our free time when the weather gets cold. ''

Tolga Serdar (18): ''In the past, there were no playgrounds for children, sitting areas or cafeteria here. Now it's much better. People don't have to sit outside, in the cold, they can spend a pleasant time at the cafeteria. Children can play comfortably in a modern playground. It is a clean and spacious place. ''

Gülsüm Döndüoğlu(20): ''This place was bad before. Now, we have a new cafeteria here. It is more advantageous for young people. We have places where to sit and spend our free time. The park is more spacious and beautiful. People have a beautiful place where to spend their time. ''

Fikret Çakmakçı (55): ''I know very well the old park. It wasn't a beautiful park at all. The new park is very beautiful. We see people coming here in the summer and enjoying them under these trees. The cafeteria is very nice and clean. People can very comfortable to sit and talk here. ''