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Acıpayam loves Mayor Osman Zolan

Mayor Osman Zolan was welcomed with great interest in Acıpayam District. Talking about the investments of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, Mayor Osman Zolan said, ''Together we will walk further upwards. ''

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan visited Acıpayam District and met with the citizens. Acıpayam Mayor Hulusi Şevkan, the AK Party Acıpayam District Chairman Nurhayat Şanlı and his accompanying joined Mayor Osman Zolan. Mayor Osman Zolan visited the Alaattin, Yeşildere, Yumrutaş, Dodurga, Yazır, Gümüş, Kumafşarı, Dedebağı and Darıveren neighborhoods where he met with the citizens. Mayor Osman Zolan listened to the demands and suggestions of the Acıpayam people. Mayor Osman Zolan talked about the projects implemented by the Denizli Metropolitan Municipality and played billiards with the young people in Darıveren neighbourhood.

''Metropolitan means solving the problems''

Mayor Osman Zolan said, ''Five years ago we told you that everything would be more beautiful, that both the Acıpayam Municipality and the Metropolitan Municipality would serve you day and night. Metropolitan means solving the problems. We said we are coming to serve you, not to take anything from you. Since the day we started, we have mobilized to solve the problems all over the city. In five years we did the work that might have been done maybe in twenty years. We have tried to do our best to fulfil your demands. We promised to bring all the services from the city centre to districts. We promised there wouldn't be mud in the city anymore. ''

''We walked together''

Stating that everyone who comes to Denizli admires the city anymore, Mayor Osman Zolan said, ''People who haven't come to Denizli for over 15 years are very impressed by what happened here. We tried, we worked hard all this time. You've trusted us, we've walked all together to keep your trust in vain. We are happy to fulfil our promises. We leave important works behind us. This is our purpose. ''Mayor Osman Zolan said, ''We leave the works, but you are the owner of these works, these beauties. We could do all of these only with your support. I hope for a better tomorrow. Today is better than yesterday. Together we will walk further upwards. ''