Serinhisar Youth and Culture Center, made by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality in order to reach a modern social and cultural facility of Serinhisar district, was opened with a magnificent ceremony. Wishing the facility to be auspicious to the district, Mayor Osman Zolan said, ''We hope and wish to bring many good services to our districts together. ''

The opening of Serinhisar Youth and Culture Center, made by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality a while ago, was held with a magnificent ceremony. Denizli Governor Hasan Karahan, Denizli Deputy Şahin Tin, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan, Serinhisar Mayor Mehmet Kobaş, AK Party Denizli Provincial Chairman Necip Filiz, MHP Denizli Province President Cafer Birtürk, guests and many citizens attended the opening ceremony. Stating that today is a very important day, Serinhisar Mayor Kobaş said, ''We got on duty five years ago. I believe that we have done very good services both as a district municipality, as a Metropolitan Municipality and as our central government. I believe in Serinhisar district's change. I thank everyone who contributed. ''

Mayor Zolan: ''We promised everything in Denizli centre would also be here.''

Stating that Denizli received the status of Metropolitan five years ago, Mayor Osman Zolan said, ''Together with metropolitan, we have been serving our 19 districts and 622 neighbourhoods. Today, when we look at Serinhisar, we can see that all our neighbourhoods, especially Yatağan, Yüreğir, Kocapınar have received services. ''Stating that the infrastructure work they carried out in Serinhisar will be completed in a short time, Mayor Osman Zolan said, ''Our natural gas came while doing the infrastructure. After the infrastructure is finished, we will also make the superstructure. We make long-term investments. We build structures that we will leave the inheritance to future generations. ''

''Serinhisar people were out of this business profitable''

Speaking about the Serinhisar Park, made by the Metropolitan Municipality in Serinhisar, Mayor Zolan said, ''We also made the Serinhisar Youth and Culture Center. We did sports halls, workplaces, workshops, wedding halls. I wish the women and young people living in Serinhisar to enjoy it. As the Metropolitan Municipality, we built this building on the land of Serinhisar Municipality, and now we transferred it to Serinhisar Municipality. From this business, Serinhisar people came out profitable. You deserve the best. We always think of what we can do to make our Serinhisar district better. We worked day and night to make your tomorrow better than today. We hope and wish to bring many good services to our district together. ''

Deputy Tin: ''We hardly keep up with the opening ceremonies''

Drawing attention to the fact that they have opened very beautiful facilities in three districts today, Deputy Tin said, ''May Allah bless Mr Osman Zolan. We hardly keep up with the opening ceremonies of their services. Thank you so much. ''Thanking Serinhisar Mayor Kobaş for their services, Tin said, ''If we have unity and solidarity, there is nothing we cannot accomplish. In this sense, our Serinhisar district is one of the best examples. ''Stating that with the investments made in the district, Serinhisar is an exemplary district, Tin said, '' With Allah's will Serinhisar district has got everything. After that, we will see what we can do more for Serinhisar, and we will do it. ''

Governor Karahan: ''There is no other Turkey''


Stating that Denizli is growing and developing every day, Governor Karahan said, ''Serinhisar, of course, it takes a share. Both the central government, our municipalities and our citizens are all together in a more beautiful Denizli, we are doing our best for a more beautiful Serinhisar, and we live together in this beautiful union. With Allah's will, with this union, will also be abundance. Turkey is unique. I would like to thank everyone who contributed. ''After the speech, the opening of the facility was made with prayers. Mayor Zolan and his retinue examined the activities carried out in the workshops and sports halls.

Serinhisar Youth and Culture Center

Everyone from 7 to 70 can use the Serinhisar Youth and Culture Center, established on a total area of 4,700 square meters. Serinhisar Youth and Culture Center has a multi-purpose hall, cafeteria, six workshops, five workplaces, six offices and two sports halls and meets the social and cultural needs of Serinhisar people.