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Denizli Metropolitan Municipality the 3rd Book Fair opened

The biggest book fair of the Aegean, held by the Denizli Metropolitan Municipality opened with a ceremony. Stating that the Book Fair responds to a big need of the city, Mayor Osman Zolan said, ''Three years ago we took the best decision to open this fair. Together we can make many beauties. ''
The opening ceremony of the biggest book fair of the Aegean, where book enthusiasts were waiting with excitement took place. Denizli Governor Hasan Karahan, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan, his wife Berrin Zolan, the Prosecutor General Ergül Yılmaz, Merkezefendi Governor Dr Adem Uslu, Pamukkale Governor Hayrettin Balcıoğlu, Pamukkale Mayor Avni Örki, the honour guest of the fair, the Denizli author Gürbüz Azak, Kemal Yalçın, who has the award of best writer representing Denizli abroad, invited guests and many citizens attended the opening ceremony of the Book Fair, held at the Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Congress and Culture Center (EGS). Stating that if last year 300 thousand people came to the fair, this year is expecting a number of 400 thousand people, the author Kemal Yalçın said that this is an important achievement. Yalçınsaid, ''Denizli is a city worthy of being the World Capital of Culture with its economy, art, cultural and historical richness. Denizli Book Fair is one of the first steps taken by Denizli to be the World Capital of Culture. ''
Advice from the honoured guest Azak to the youth
The guest of honour of the fair, Gürbüz Azak, pointed out that Denizli was established to train people and characters. Stating that many important names in the field of art, culture, sports and science are from Denizli, the author Azak gave advice to young people: ''I've been writing for 50 years, I have an extreme love for the book. I went to study my profession in Europe, and then I came back. In high school years, I said that ''To get tired is forbidden'', and I set this as a law. Even at this age, I keep writing and learning. Stating that the Book Fair is growing with each passing year, Remzi Çay, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Eylül Fair Organization said, ''We started with an organization that showed worthy of Denizli and the Aegean and showed a progressive growth. I would like to thank our Mayor Osman Zolan for their support. ''
Mayor Zolan: ''Everything starts with reading''
Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan mentioned the importance of reading in his speech and said that everyone should have the opportunity and opportunities to read books. Mayor Osman Zolan said, "Everything starts with reading. We have to create opportunities for this. We need to create these environments and put forth the options. It is necessary to ensure that our children, young people and people of all ages have easy access to books. Three years ago we decided to open this fair, and we put this idea in practice. We make many beauties together. May it be auspicious for all of us. ''
''Archive for Denizli's future''
Noting that they have done a significant archive with the Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Cultural Publications, Mayor Osman Zolan said, ''From the moment we took this duty for Denizli, we gave significant importance to our own cultural publications and offered them to our citizens. Thus, we created our archive. We currently have more than 100 books on Denizli. At the moment, perhaps the value cannot be fully felt, but after 20-30 years they will become important resources for our local culture. ''Mayor Osman Zolan stated that many of Denizli's values like Gürbüz Azak and Kemal Yalçın had entered into an interaction with the city through the book fair. He also said that the writers of Denizli honoured this fair.
Governor Karahan: ''Denizli is carrying out the biggest book festival of the Aegean''
The Governor Hasan Karahan said that fair, which is growing with every year, meet a significant need of Denizli culture. Governor Karahan said, ''We are together again with great enthusiasm and excitement. We are together at the opening of an auspicious work, which is a great cultural service that brings readers, writers and publishers together in Denizli. Our book fair grows day by day and Denizli is carrying out the biggest book festival of the Aegean. I would like to thank the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, the guests of honour and everyone involved in this project. ''