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The first march against the occupation in Turkey held in Denizli

The scientists stated that on May 15, 1919, at 4 hours after the Greeks invaded Izmir, the first meeting against the occupation in Turkey was held in Denizli. This special day is invaluable in terms of Denizli and Turkish history.
On May 15, 1919, four hours after İzmir was occupied by the Greeks, Denizli people, under the leadership of Mufti Ahmed Hulusi Efendi held the first meeting against the occupation in Turkey. This heroism held by Denizli 100 years ago is described by the scientists as a very special day, very valuable in terms of Denizli and Turkish history. On the eve of the 100th anniversary of May 15, 1919, Prof. Dr Ercan Haytoğlu, Prof. Dr Mithat Aydın and Prof. Dr Turgut Tok stressed that on May 15, 1919, shortly after the invasion of Izmir, Denizli held the first meeting against the occupation in Turkey.
Professor Dr Turgut Tok- Pamukkale University Faculty of Arts and Sciences Department of Turcology said: 
All scientists, historians, the common conviction show the date of May 15. İzmir was occupied by the Greeks on the night of May 14. Even before 14, the towns and districts around İzmir started to be occupied. Denizli people reacted immediately, and as many sources stated, a large rally was held in Denizli after 4 hours of the occupation of Izmir. This was the first struggle of the national struggle in Anatolia. This is an honour for our city, and we must appreciate it.
Faculty Member of Pamukkale University Faculty of Education Turkish and Social Studies Education Department, Professor Dr Mithat Aydın said:
The occupation of the beautiful Izmir by the Greeks on May 15, followed by slaughter and destruction have undoubtedly hurt the Anatolian people. These bad consequences of the occupation have mobilized the Turkish nation to bring the spirit that will start the struggle for independence. Four hours and ten minutes after the occupation of İzmir, the first mobilization is taking place in Denizli on May 15. Here, Denizli has shown a reflex that expresses the basis of the patriotism, heroism and national sensitivity. Actually, Denizli's reaction to the Greek occupation on May 15 is the love of the country, the idea of heroism and national sensitivity in our process, just as Miryokefalon and the Battle of Kazıkbeli.
How Cemal Kutay described Denizli march in his work?
One of the most recent researchers of recent history, Cemal Kutay said in his work ''Spiritual Architects of the Republic'': ''Izmir was occupied on Thursday, May 15, 1919. At these bad news, the only person who didn't startle was Mufti Ahmet Hulusi Efendi. ''Under the title First Front First Organization he wrote ''Only 4 hours and 10 minutes have passed since the occupation of Izmir… Rally in Denizli, fatwa and the actual organization following this decision. National Struggle is the FIRST REAL PRESENCE of our history. ''
MAY 15, 1919
Before the invasion of İzmir, Denizli has participated in the Congress held in İzmir between March 17-19, 1919 and made an important contribution. The bureaucracy of Denizli and the people of Denizli were closely following the developments in Izmir thanks to the mufti, Ahmet Hulusi Efendi, the promoter and intelligence officer. Continuous telegrams continued from İzmir to Denizli. The occupation held on May 15 was known by Denizli. When the telegraph came from Izmir to Mutasarrıf Faik Bey, Denizli started to act and burned the first fire of the National Struggle in Anatolia. Under the leadership of Mufti Ahmed Hulusi Efendi, Denizli started the first march for the National Struggle in Turkey. The Denizli's response with this march as a reflexive and sensitive city has been extremely valuable.
The realization of a march in Denizli on Thursday, May 15 after the occupation makes Denizli's sensitivity to the National Struggle very important. The sources pointing to May 15 are as follows.
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