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Mayor Osman Zolan has good news for infrastructure

Participating in the İftar program organized by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality in Anafartalar neighbourhood, Mayor Osman Zolan said that the tender for the infrastructure work to be done in the region was completed. Mayor Zolan said, ''In a very short time we will change the infrastructure in the region from top to bottom. ''
The neighbourhood iftar program, traditionally held by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, was established in the Anafartalar neighbourhood. Denizli AK Party Deputy Chairman Cahit Özkan, Denizli Metropolitan Mayor Osman Zolan, his wife Berrin Zolan, AK Party Denizli Provincial Chairman Necip Filiz, Pamukkale Mayor Avni Orki, invited guests, neighbourhood mukhtars and thousands of residents participated in the İftar dinner held in the Anafartalar Sheltered Marketplace. Mayor Osman Zolan and his wife, Berrin Zolan celebrated the citizens for the month of Ramadan. Expressing his happiness of being at the same table with the citizens, Mayor Osman Zolan said, ''May Allah continue to increase these beauties. We wish the month of Ramadan to bring peace and serenity to all our citizens. May Allah accept our fasts and listen to our prayers. ''
''The infrastructure will change from top to bottom''
Mayor Zolan stated that they had started a new period and that the services would continue in the Anafartalar region and all Denizli. Mayor Osman Zolan said: ''The biggest problem of our region was infrastructure and infrastructure related procurement procedures. It is currently under investigation. We plan to completely change the sewage and drinking water lines in this region in the near future. We will also lay rainwater lines. The infrastructure will change from top to bottom. ''
Unity togetherness message from Mayor Zolan
Stating that after completing the infrastructure work, Pamukkale Municipality will carry out the superstructure work in the region, Mayor Osman Zolan said, ''Together with our Mayor of Pamukkale, Avni Örki, we will build our beautiful superstructure and our roads. This region is the highest level of this period, I hope to bring it to a better place. Together in unity and togetherness, we will succeed all the work we plan. Tomorrow will be better than today. ''