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DESKİ 2018 annual report approved

Stating that Denizli has achieved significant successes in terms of infrastructure as in many other areas, Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan said, ''Denizli has the newest and most modern infrastructure in Turkey in terms of infrastructure. ''
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Assembly held the 3rd meeting of May session under the chairmanship of Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan. Mayor Osman Zolan said, ''We started this work in 2014. We worked day and night to serve all the 622 neighbourhoods of 19 districts. In the past, there were many problems, there were neighbourhoods that could not reach the water for 10-15 days. With the establishment of DESKİ, we made efforts to bring the same service to all points of the city. We tried to find the remedy everywhere there was a need, an urgency, without any discrimination. ''
''We thought about the future of the city''
Describing the investments of DESKİ for five years and mentioning the importance of water and infrastructure, Mayor Osman Zolan said, ''Water is life, there is no health where there is no water. By letting ourselves aside, we started this dusty, muddy work for the future of the city, for a better future of our people. We chose the future of our people and the city. ''Stating that since 2014, the total length of drinking water, sewage and rainwater lines laid in Denizli has reached the distance to China, Mayor Z9olan said, ''If we put head to head all the drinking water, sewerage and rainwater lines we have laid for 5 years, we reach 5600 km of lines, the distance from here to China. The equivalent of 11 lines up to Ankara and 22 separate lines to İzmir. ''
''We have solved many problems in our city centre and districts''
Stating that the most important priority for a city is infrastructure, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan said, ''If you have a good infrastructure in the city, whatever you do, looks good. Denizli has the newest and most modern infrastructure in Turkey in terms of infrastructure. In 2014, we started with the decision taken by our Metropolitan Municipality to start the infrastructure project from the bottom, from the beginning and from the most difficult work. This was the right way. We solved many problems in our city centre and in our districts. By renewing the drinking water lines in the city centre, we solved 60% of leakage, and today Denizli has clean drinking water. If we had ignored this problem of the city, half of the city would be thirsty. ''Pointing out that water is extremely healthy and clean, Mayor Osman Zolan said, ''We can give the tap water to our newborn baby. Our tap water is cleaner and healthier than all bottled water. ''
A new infrastructure project will begin
Providing information about the works of DESKİ in 2018, Mayor Zolan said, ''In 2018, we built 868 km of drinking water, sewerage and rainwater lines, and 70 drinking water reservoirs in five years. For five years and in 2018, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality DESKİ has only served our Denizli and did what it needed to be. ''Stating that 3/2 infrastructure of Denizli centre has completed, Mayor Osman Zolan also gave information about the works to be carried out in the coming period. Mayor Zolan said, ''We have only one more project to do. Financing ready, we will do it in two stages. Karşıyaka, Aktepe, Anafartalar, Dokuzkavaklar and a part of Deliktaş in the first stage, Sevindik, Sümer and Hürriyet, Kayhan and some parts of Merkezefendi neighbourhood if the budget will be available, in the second stage. ''On the agenda, which approved the 2018 Annual Report, district mayors and councillors expressed their satisfaction with the investments made by Metropolitan DESKİ throughout the province and thanked Mayor Osman Zolan.