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Artists of the future are growing with Metropolitan

Meeting Point of Culture and Art. 1700 people received education in Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Conservatory in 2018-2019 education year. The concerts and performances held by the participants in the free art courses attracted great attention of the audience and offered an incredible show.
In the last 15 years, thousands of people attended free courses at the Külahçıoğlu Flour Factory, which became unusable after the fire that broke out in 2004 and was restored by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality and used as a conservatory. Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Conservatory, which continues to bring together people from all ages and professions with arts, gave art and music education to 1700 people in the 2018-2019 academic year. The concerts and concerts in which the participants of the free courses attracted great attention offered an incredible cruise pleasure. Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Conservatory sound and instrument performances of the artists in the year as well as always received great acclaim. Metropolitan Municipality Conservatory, which contains Turkish Folk Music, Turkish Art Music, Youth and Children Choir, met with Denizli people in many important organizations.
Intensive interest in instrument courses
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Conservatory provides free courses for many instruments every year. 1700 people received training in the conservatory, which includes violin, oud, kanun, clarinet, ney, rhythm saz, bağlama, kısa sap bağlama, reed, piano, guitar and drum courses. As in every training period, citizens showed great interest in the free courses offered by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Conservatory.
Metropolitan supports art and artists
Stating that Denizli is full of art and music thanks to our conservatory, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan said, ''Thousands of young people meet with art and culture in the historic building of our conservatory. I thank all our citizens, who contributed to Denizli's culture and art by attending our courses or by sending their children to our courses. Denizli Metropolitan Municipality will continue to support the art and artists in our city. ''