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Kefe Plateau welcomes the guests with its magnificent nature

Kefe Plateau, renewed and modernized by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality last year, enchants with its magnificent nature and clean air. Citizens flock to the Kefe Plateau at an altitude of 1350 meters to get rid of the warm weather and stress of city life.
Kefe Plateau renewed and opened for people by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality last year is the place for those who wanted to get away from the high temperatures of the city. Plateau tourism, which has become an important point in the region at an altitude of 1350 meters, Kefe Plateau with its magnificent nature and clean air has become a frequented point of citizens to get rid of the stress of the city life and the heat temperatures. Located in Yatağan Neighbourhood of Serinhisar District, Kefe Plateau has a 171 thousand square meters area, consisting of a restaurant, buffet, grocery store, tea garden, sports area, playgrounds, 24-hour hot water, shower, Yoruk tent and a camping place with a capacity of 300 tents. Kefe Plateau, where the citizens who want to camp or who want to spend the day, show great interest, is also the meeting point of the guests who seek healing with its fresh air.
Kefe Plateau welcomes thousands of guests
Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan said that Kefe Plateau hosts not only Denizli citizens but also guests from many cities, especially surrounding cities. Mayor Osman Zolan said, ''We renewed the Kefe Plateau last year. With this project, we solved the needs of our citizens in this region. We also have guests from the surrounding provinces. We will continue to host our citizens who want to camp, relax and spend time together with their loved ones in the best conditions. ''
What did the citizens say?
Nermin Koç: We are very pleased to come here. We set up our tent and we will have a picnic. There were many issues here before. Now, all the facilities like market, drinking water are all very close. We are happy and thank our Metropolitan Municipality for these services.
Süleyman Koç: May Allah bless our Mayor Osman Zolan for making and renewing these places. We used to be embarrassed. Now the toilets, the bathrooms, our roads are amazing. The weather is very nice. I would recommend it especially to those with chest diseases.
Şahizer Taşbaş: We've been coming to Kefe Plateau for 20 years. We didn't have that much maintenance before, our roads were bad, the cars couldn't go up on the plateau. Now the weather is very nice. The facility is very beautiful. We are waiting for everyone here.
Nisan Taşbaş: It is a beautiful place. Often patients come here for natural life and healing. I love it here. I can walk around comfortably. 
Hüseyin Cahit Özgören: Metropolitan made the Kefe Plateau a perfect location with all the facilities. Our roads, lighting, praying place, everything that came to mind is very nice.
Mustafa Çal: I came from Isparta for fresh air. I came last year, too. When I come here, I bring spring in the winter without going to the doctor or taking medication. The Metropolitan made Kefe Plateau more beautiful.