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Denizli people will determine the future of Denizli

The survey that will provide an important contribution to prepare the 5-year strategic plan of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality was launched. The 10-question survey, in which the views and thoughts of the people of Denizli have great importance in the planning of the next five years of the city, can be accessed at www.denizli.bel.tr.
To determine the services, works, activities and projects that will be made by the Denizli Metropolitan Municipality in the next five years under the 2020 - 2024 Strategic Plan, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality has launched a survey. The survey launched by the Metropolitan Municipality with the slogan ''Let's guide the future of our city together'', and published on the official website of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality www.denizli.bel.tr gives great importance to the views and thoughts of the Denizli people in the planning of Denizli for the next five years. The survey consisting of ten questions will continue until Sunday, July 21, 2019.
Will be the reference point for the next 5 years
Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan pointed out that the 2020-2024 Strategic Plan has great importance in further improving the service quality of the Metropolitan Municipality. Stating that the strategic plan made with the significant contribution of the citizens will be the reference point for Denizli in the next 5 Mayor Osman Zolan said, ''The views and suggestions of our fellow citizens have always been very important for us. I invite all our citizens to fill out the survey that can be accessed on the website of the Metropolitan Municipality. ''