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Faster, more economical and more comfortable travel with the new bus lines

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, which started the change of public transportation for a faster, more economical and comfortable journey of the Denizli people, brings new arrangements and applications on many lines. Around 60 municipal bus lines will activate in six different regions for citizens to travel faster, more economical and comfortable.
 Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, which has received great appreciation for the investments made in transportation in Denizli, is starting a new change of urban public transport considering the increasing settlement area and population densities. Within this scope, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality started to make new arrangements in the city bus lines and hours serving in the city centre. With the new regulations, 36 main lines will work in six different areas in the city centre. With the new routes created for a faster, more economical and comfortable travel of Denizli residents, around 60 or even 230 buses will serve all over the city. While introducing new regulations to prioritize the fast and economic travel of the citizens, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality did everything without any wage increases.
Some lines are combined
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, which aims to make bus usage more attractive to citizens with new lines and regulations, makes inefficient lines more useful with the measures it takes. Making new arrangements for the citizens to reach the place they want without transferring the Metropolitan, "long time", "very manoeuvre" in front of such negativity. Saving time by combining some lines, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality is also opening new lines in some regions that do not pass buses.
New lines will be announced soon
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, which does not make any increase in bus fares, aims to reduce the traffic density and to make the citizens travel more economically by public transportation. If a family of 4 people can use the bus to spend 100 TL on the money spent on transportation, it is also stated that transfers within one hour will continue to be free. Denizli Metropolitan Municipality will soon announce the new lines.
Priority is a faster, economical and comfortable travel
Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan said that they made huge investments to achieve a sustainable traffic network in Denizli. Stating that in this context they made bridge intersections, new ring roads, overpasses, parking lots, Traffic Management System, including the numerous investments in Denizli, Mayor Osman Zolan said they made new arrangements in the bus lines by taking into account the increasing residential area and population density. Emphasizing that the priority objectives of the citizens are the faster, economic and comfortable travel, Mayor Osman Zolan said, ''I hope we will continue to add beauty to our Denizli with new arrangements and bus lines. I wish these arrangements to be beneficial to our Denizli. ''