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Schools will open, the number of buses increases

Starting the change of public transport in Denizli for the faster, more economical and comfortable travel by bus of the citizens, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality completed all preparations before the beginning of the new academic year. With the opening of schools, the Metropolitan Municipality public transport will change the timetable, will increase the number of buses on the existing routes and will add additional bus lines where needed.
 Receiving great appreciation for the investments made in the field of transportation, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality completed the preparations for the beginning of 2019-2020 academic year. Denizli Metropolitan Municipality took all the precautions for faster, economical and comfortable travel by bus of the students and would pass to the wintertime schedule of the public transport. Passing to the winter timetable, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality would increase the number of buses on the existing routes, as well as would add new bus lines in the regions needed. 
Announcements on the transportation portal (https://ulasim.denizli.bel.tr)
The wintertime schedule, which will be implemented by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality with the beginning of schools, will be published on September 8, 2019, on the transportation portal, at https://ulasim.denizli.bel.tr. Additional bus lines, which will be operational in the regions where they are needed, can also be followed on the transportation portal. The number of buses will be increased in the morning and afternoon, especially for students and transfers within one hour will continue to be free. Denizli Metropolitan Municipality buses tickets will cost 2.5 TL for adults and 1.75 TL for students.
Importance of public transportation
Stating that the municipal lines and number changing started last month are progressing efficiently Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan said that it would be even better. Mayor Osman Zolan said that with the opening of schools, the schedule for the city buses would be changed. He added that they would meet all the needs of transportation during the winter period by increasing the number of buses and by adding new lines. Referring to the importance of public transport in reducing traffic density, Mayor Osman Zolan said, ''We will continue to work for faster, economic and comfortable travel of our citizens. I thank all who contributed. ''