Home Energy Cities Association met under the chairmanship of Mayor Osman Zolan

Energy Cities Association met under the chairmanship of Mayor Osman Zolan

Energy Cities Union Assembly Meeting took place under the chairmanship of the Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, Osman Zolan. Mayor Osman Zolan emphasized that the Union has become a part of all renewable energy sources and said that they would be guiding municipalities to use renewable energy sources.
 Changing its name on June due to the coverage of all renewable energy resources, after its establishment in 1997 under the name of Union of Municipalities with Geothermal Sources, Energy Cities Association held the October Assembly Meeting in Afyonkarahisar. Energy Cities Association President and Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan, Afyonkarahisar Governor Mustafa Tutulmaz, Afyonkarahisar Mayor Mehmet Zeybek, Kütahya Mayor Prof. Dr Alim Işık, district mayors and guests attended the meeting. In his opening speech, Osman Zolan, President of the Union of Energy Cities, thanked all participants in the meeting. Emphasizing that energy is very important for life to continue, Mayor Osman Zolan said, ''When we look at our daily lives, we use energy at the highest level. When we evaluate energy resources for our country, unfortunately, we are not at the desired point, and we are in a position that we need external dependency. ''
Turkey is turning to renewable energy sources
Telling that energy is the most important element of Turkey's foreign trade deficit, Mayor Osman Zolan said, ''With the encouragement made by our government in recent years, Turkey makes efforts to return to our national energy. Today, we started to provide our energy with our renewable energy sources. If Turkey had no studies on solar energy until yesterday, today there are solar energy, wind energy, biogas facilities in almost every city in the country. Also, intensive studies have been carried out on the use of geothermal energy, which has been underground for years. We want to get more. ''
''We will guide our municipalities''
Mayor Zolan continued his speech as follows: ''We want to evaluate our resources and get rid of external dependence. As the Energy Cities Association, we are now covering all renewable energy sources. Our municipalities should use renewable energy resources in terms of creating their resources and meeting their needs. Hopefully, we will work to provide our municipalities with information about these opportunities and to guide them. I thank you very much for your participation. ''
''The Role of Municipalities in the Renewable Energy Sector''
Following the opening speeches the panel titled ''The Role of Municipalities in the Renewable Energy Sector'' was moderated by the President of Energy Cities Association and Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan. President of Biogas Investments Development Association (BİYOGAZDER), Altan Denizsel,  Founding Member of Energy Efficiency and Management Association (EYODER), Arif Künar, Secretary-General of the Association of Solar Energy Manufacturers and Industry (GENSED), Hakan Erkan, President of Geothermal Electricity Investors Association (JESDER), Ali Kindap, President of Turkey Geothermal Association, Orhan Mertoğlu and Turkey Wind Energy Association (TÜREB) Regulations and Policy Manager, Aytunç Zafer Akça attended the panel as speakers.