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Infrastructure problems solved in 5 more neighbourhoods

Examining the infrastructure studies carried out in Anafartalar, Dokuzkavaklar, Aktepe, Karsıyaka and Deliktaş neighbourhoods to solve the problem of infrastructure in the region, Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan said, ''We promised, so we started the infrastructure work in 5 more neighbourhoods. ''
 Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan examined the infrastructure works started by the Metropolitan Municipality Water and Sewerage Administration (DESKİ) General Directorate in Anafartalar, Dokuzkavaklar, Aktepe, Karşıyaka and Deliktaş neighbourhoods.  Mayor Osman Zolan examined the infrastructure work consisting of 166 kilometres of drinking water line and 115 kilometres of sewage line to be completely renovated and 28 km long stormwater line to be laid in the region for the first time. Mayor Osman Zolan, who chatted with the citizens, often met with the satisfaction and support of the neighbourhood residents towards the infrastructure work.
Full support from the citizens
Mayor Osman Zolan said that they completed the infrastructure work in many neighbourhoods until today. Stating that they carried out the infrastructure studies stage by stage, Mayor Osman Zolan said, ''We started a new stage. In this stage, we will complete the infrastructure work in Aktepe, Karsıyaka, Anafartalar, Dokuzkavaklar and Deliktaş neighbourhoods. We continue our work at high speed. ''Emphasizing that the investment is a need of the region and that citizens demanded it Mayor Zolan said, ''We have promised. We are happy to continue our mission and strive to fulfil all our promises. Thanks to our citizens, they support us in this process. ''
''Infrastructure requires courage, support and patience''
Stating that infrastructure is a difficult job, the cost is high and also there is a lot of dust, mud and water cuts during the works, Mayor Osman Zolan said, ''Infrastructure is an indispensable investment for the city. If there is no infrastructure in a city, whatever investment you make on the superstructure has no sense. But if the city has a good infrastructure, all the superstructure investments will serve citizens for a long time. I hope our infrastructure will serve our neighbourhoods for 100 years. The grandchildren of our grandchildren will benefit from these investments. In a short time, the citizens living here will see the beauty of this investment. We promised, so we started the infrastructure work in 5 more neighbourhoods with the full support of our citizens. Infrastructure requires courage, support and patience. When all these three come together, we can see the beauty revealed. We will live this beauty together in this region. ''