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Talented hands gave life to the mud

Trainees trained in the free ceramic course opened within the Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Vocational Training Centers (DENMEK) gave life to mud and turn it into a work of art.
 Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Vocational Course Centers (DENMEK) continue to offer free courses in the facilities located in 8 different points of the city. In this context, the free ceramic course held at DENMEK is one of the branches in which Denizli people show the greatest interest. The trainees trained in the free ceramic course opened within the DENMEK turned the mud into a work of art. Trainees trained in Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Yenişehir Ceramic Workshop impress with the works they produce. The trainees participating in the courses both learn, produce and contribute to family budgets by selling their products at the DENMEK Handicraft Sales Center located in the Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Art Center.
Trainees are satisfied
While the trainees participating in the ceramics course stated that they were very satisfied with the service in question, they said that they brought a new colour in their social life and they were happy with the products they produced.
Ceramic Course Instructor Aynur Mutlu: ''We firstly design the ceramic mud then we give it shape. We make all the operations in our workshop. In the first lessons, we start with a flat plate, and then we go on a journey to the statue very quickly. Our trainees have very serious training here for eight months. The demand for our course is very high. We would like to thank the Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan. He provided us with all the needs that are required in a ceramic workshop. We are one of the workshops highlighted in Turkey. We thank Denizli Metropolitan Municipality very much. ''
Sevilay Berber: ''After retirement, I entered into a search. I visited the ceramics course. I learned about the work to be done, and I was very interested. The works did, the exhibits and the products put forward were amazing. I wanted to be a part of them. Denizli Metropolitan Municipality made a good job. The teachers here are competent and qualified. ''
Gökhan Yüksel: ''We do ceramic works in the ceramic course of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality. We turn the objects we designed into the mud. I visited the exhibitions in our municipality and liked it. So I attended this course. Everyone who likes these kinds of pursuits should try these courses. The courses are both relaxing and pleasant. We would like to thank our Metropolitan Mayor Osman Zolan for providing such an opportunity to the people of Denizli. ''
Semra Yüksel: Two years ago, I decided to attend the courses of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality. It is a very nice activity, a very nice occupation. It takes my stress. We create here new and beautiful things.